What Up Wednesday!

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It’s Wednesday and I can’t believe how fast this week is going… it’s probably because I have been and will continue to be busy all week/weekend!

Here’s what up on my Wednesday..


This Sunday will be my first half since May… I’m really excited about it… I’m not in peak shape but this is my friends first half marathon ever and it’s for a good cause.  I have danced back and forth of whether or not I was going to run and after Monday’s run I said why not?! It’s already paid for and I’m not one to pay for a race and not run… I have three simple goals for this race:

1. I’d like to run 1:40 or better

2. Finish with a smile on my face

3. If I finish ahead of my bestie to go back and finish with her (hopefully we can get pics)


When it comes to running I can often be spontaneous…. yesterday one of my friends on FB asked if anyone would be interested in doing the Ragnar Relay Adirondacks… it goes from Saratoga Springs to Lake Placid, NY…. of course crazy Tantra said oh yes pick me! lol… it’s one of those things that I have wanted to do for a long time… a bucket lister…  So on Sept 26/27 I will be riding and running with 11 strangers for 200 miles…. this may be one of my more insane things that I have done….


The next month is all about believing in myself, believing in my training and sticking to the plan…. I’m typically a “realist” which is often mistaken for a pessimist…. because I’m use to being let down… however, this is all in my control for the most part…I have a tattoo on my right wrist that says “believe”….  for the first time in a long time I actually do…

Has anyone done a Ragnar? Can anyone give me any helpful hints?

What Up on your Wednesday?

Hello Fall

With a half marathon approaching this Sunday, I knew I needed to make the decision to either run it or go an cheer my bestie on in her VERY first half….

It’s been a LONG two week for me because I decided to take some time off and give my foot some time to “heal”.  It was an extremely hard choice for me to make especially because I have a marathon in one month and I just signed up for Boston… it made signing up for Boston scary instead of joyful and exciting. I digress….

ANYWHO, last night I decided to take some of the new music I downloaded and enjoy the cool fall evening with a run.  I knew that it could go either way; it could be either awesome and fabulous or horrible and painful….well after a 5 mile run I can honestly say I’M BACK!

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I can’t believe how good I felt! And while my foot has still has pain in my fun everyday shoes, I felt NO pain during OR after my run! I don’t know if I’m really ready for this half this weekend but I am EXTREMELY excited to race again…. and I think that I can FINALLY make some REAL fall goes… stay tuned!

How was your weekend?

Is anyone racing this weekend?


Last 10 Pics Thursday

thursday10I go in phases with my last 10 pics Thursdays.. I feel like I don’t want to be redundant between here and instagram so I try to give you a break every once in a while…


This just looks pretty but I also love what it says….. I think some times self doubt can be our biggest enemy (spoiler alert… possible future post).


Um… how awesome is this photo!? I took this picture while we were at Brady’s first soccer game on Saturday.  It’s almost a perfect heart.


Ella is obsessed with puzzles right now and she is soooo good at them.  She grabs my dad’s hand, brings him to the toy area, drags her puzzle bag to where she wants to sit and forces him to “sit”! Soooo cute.

showercheese ellaannie shower

On Sunday, Ella and I went to a baby shower where it was bee themed… so cute! The blonde is Ella’s daycare provider and she basically followed her around the ENTIRE time… we are sooo lucky to have someone who loves our children soooo much.


Michael always says I complain too much… I keep saying that I’m going to try this.. one day….


Yup, I’m THAT mom… they wear coordinating outfits..lol.  I know it’s cheesy but one day they won’t let me do it, so for the next few years….IT’S ON! #SORRYNOTSORRY

ellagingham menella

This was this morning.. I’m obsessed with this dress that we bought at GAP…. she looked sooo cute and then of course… we took a selfie!

Happy Thursday peeps… ONE. MORE.DAY!



It’s official…. I’m. Running. Boston!!!!!!  Well, I registered and I will officially hear back in October once they verify that I actually qualified… WAHOO!


It’s also official…. I’m in pain… That stupid bunion has now caused way more problems. I’m now limping around and have not run in over a week which equals a VERY cranky Tantra.  I’m trying to stay positive but it’s very hard to especially with a half marathon two weeks away and a full marathon a month away….


What up on your Wednesday?!

Anyone else registering/registered for Boston?!




Life is all about balance. Now that I am back to work I’m trying to find balance between working two jobs, spending QUALITY time with my two kids, keeping up with their extra curricular, running, and life.

Last week we had a whole bunch of firsts: Brady’s first day of school, soccer game and goal. With life being all about balance I believe it is necessary that we had to have at least one last event…yesterday we said one last goodbye to my uncle who passed away.  while it was a sad day for my family, we took the time to celebrate his life and today life goes on….

As I get older I am learning how important it is to have balance.  For example in training if you go over board and train too much you can end up injured, while under training can lead to poor performance. Too much of anything can be dangerous, that is why it’s important to know your limits.

One thing mother hood has taught me, even though I don’t always like it, is that I can’t control everything.  Would I love to be out of the house by 645AM every day? Hell yes! That would give me enough time to drop both kids off and grab my medium coconut caramel iced coffee light and sweet (yes same thing, every time).  HOWEVER, there are days, life this morning, where I change my outfit 10x, my hair doesn’t cooperate, Brady refuses to get out of bed and Ella won’t sit still so I can do her hair, and while I definitely could of used coffee this AM, there was no way it was going to happen. AND with mornings there has to be balance, so there are my afternoons (the only time I get to run during the week)….IF Michael gets out of work in time, and it’s not too dark, and I’m not too tired, and I can get dinner out of the oven….THAN I can go running… and if the stars don’t align I don’t get to run:(. The old me would have had a melt down but there are some things that are more important to me than getting that run in… BALANCE.

I think it’s often hard for people  to push past their comfort zone.  Whether it be eating the same exact thing for breakfast everyday, doing the exact same exercise for the same amount of time everyday or going some place at the same exact time everyday; making a change can be difficult because we are of course creatures of habit.  Sometimes it opens up some new and amazing doors, sometimes it shows you how much stronger you are, and sometimes… it helps you find balance.


The Boston Dream…

I began running at the age of 12… the idea of a marathon let alone the Boston Marathon never crossed my mind… I was a sprinter and to be honest any distance over 400 meters terrified me.  As we grow up we mature and so does our running.  As a senior in HS I promised myself that I would ONE day run a marathon, any marathon.  Just the idea of completing such an insane distance seemed amazing.  Once I reached college and actually began enjoying running distance, I set my sights on BOSTON… boston1


After my first epic disaster of a marathon I thought I would NEVER qualify.  The idea of going sub 3:35 seemed IMPOSSIBLE.  I was so disappointed in myself.  I reveled in the fact that I had wasted my time and embarrassed myself on setting goals so high. Why did I think that I could qualify for Boston?! I was so angry at myself for setting myself up for failure and disappointment…. 

I gave up the Boston dream and went back to running for the love and joy of it…. I ran just because I loved it. I wasn’t competing or trying to qualify for anything, I was just enjoying the run. Last spring my friend and I did the Mighty Run.  It’s a partner obstacle course 5k…. and once I did that, there was no turning back… the competitor in me returned and it returned with a vengeance! It wasn’t until this year that I upped my distance to the half marathon, where I found quite a bit of success and love. I figured that if I could do a half, I should give the full marathon one more try.  

And so I did… Well, I signed up for the marathon that I’m doing in October, and kind of sad that IF I did qualify for Boston I wouldn’t be able to run it until 2016…But I ate it and was fine with it.  After doing research I seen ChicRunner was going to train for a marathon in month and if I followed her plan I could run the Buffalo Marathon.  Not to necessarily qualify for Boston but to get a race under my belt so that I would def qualify in the fall….

In May, I not only ran the Buffalo Marathon but I BQ’d! 4 months later I STILL can’t believe it… It is literally a dream come true.. something that I was sure that would never happen but FINALLY is and WAY sooner than I could have hoped for….


Next week, at 10am registration for my qualifying time opens… This just goes to show you that just because you don’t achieve your goals right away, doesn’t mean that you have to give up.  Just keep trying…

boston-marathon-starting-line1Happy Friday!

Does anyone have a Boston Marathon goal story?

What is everyone up to this weekend?


What Up Wednesday!.. On Thursday.


Here we are back into the swing of things…and of course another what up Wednesday.

First things first…. Brady’s first day of soccer….



And his first game is Saturday!!! Wahoo!!!

It’s my first week of school… No comment:/

Today is Brady’s orientation day…. And he’s ready… Kind of


What up for your Wednesday…. On Thursday?!