Creature of habit

I loved having my step mother here but it completely threw off my entire week. I’m a creature of habit, we wake up, I feed the kids breakfast, I sit down to watch Kelly and Michael and usually start my blogging…. Yeah, there has maybe been one day of normalcy this week and trust me I’m going a bit nutty… I don’t get my runs in, I don’t eat right and I don’t get my blog time which I have figured out is also my therapy lol…


And today was just as nutty as the rest because Miss Ella had a dermatologist appointment (yes, my 1.5 year old has one and I don’t… Go figure). Which was followed by lunch at Five Guys…. Not my typical lunch but delicious! Sorry no pics because I inhaled it:( I was kind of siked to get home because I was going to leave Ella with my dad and FINALLY put in that track work out…NOPES… The minute Ella seen me put on my sneakers she grabbed the jog stroller and said “walk, walk!” I couldn’t resist her giant, innocent hazel eyes… So I strapped her I and went for three garmin free (which never happens) miles… I ran through my entire pregnancy and she is still my fav running buddy…


I know I’ve said it everyday this week but I tomorrow Elle is going to daycare, soooo after I drop her off I’m going to bring Brady to my dads and head up to the school….bc whether I like it or not, I have a date with this guy…..


Are you a creature of habit or a go with the flow kind of person?

What up Wednesday!


Another fabulous Wednesday!
1. I know you are all wondering how my work out went… My step mother made a surprise visit from Georgia for the night (she was in NYC and took a bus trip up quick). Instead we did this…


And my work out will happen tonight instead;)

2. I had the opportunity to do a product review for Vega Sport Bars…


I’m not going to lie… Initially I wasn’t a fan…They sent me chocolate coconut almond and my first thought was wow that has a lot going on but some how they work! The texture threw me off at first because it’s full of natural ingredients but the taste out weighed the texture issue. I feel so fortunate I was able to try these and I definitely will be purchasing these in the future💋.

3. My weekend… I’m hoping a weekend full of family activities… I’m hoping for a beach day and a long run…. My long run goal this week is 10 miles! Wish me luck!


What up on your Wednesday!

For the love of running…

I had my first run of my 32s yesterday and let me tell you it felt great! I love running and I’m not going to lie I worry about getting slower (because it’s inevitable). I worry that I won’t love it as much when the success isn’t there because I AM a competitor by nature and the fact of the matter is that I.LOVE.TO.WIN….

The marathon that I signed up for in the fall was originally suppose to be THE ONE… Ya know, the one where I qualify for Boston. I had no idea that I had it in me in May, especially after the epic fail of my first one! I digress… I’ve decided that I really want to “race” this fall marathon! I’m not saying elite status by any means but I want to go out there and leave it out there… Everything that I have, my heart and soul… And when I walk away from the finish line, I want to say “I gave that everything that I’ve got.”


Yesterday was the first day of my training cycle… Yes, I’ve been running but it hasn’t been consistent and most days I was running because… I love running. Yesterday’s run fell easy and smooth. I felt strong and like I was flying! I, unfortunately, can not clock tons of miles everyday as I will end up injured but I will get there and it won’t take me long… Yesterday’s run was one of those runs that gets you excited about the next big race….


Today, I will be doing my first track work out, providing the thunder storms hold out! Dare I say I’m excited?! Oh but I am… Tomorrow may be a different story;)
Happy Tuesday!

Like fine wine, we get better with age

Birthdays are funny for me… I got through an array of mixed emotions and oddly enough it has nothing to do with getting older it just has to do with who and where I am in my life and who I let into my life (and possibly some I need to kick out lol). This year was no different but I will say I had a pretty amazing weekend…

On Friday Brady and I had mommy-Brady date day and went and seen the movie Planes: Fire and Rescue… He was a total gentleman and even paid;)




I knew I would not be running Sunday so I peeled my body out of bed on Saturday and went for a 7 mile run… I was pretty happy because it was my first longer run of the summer and for the first time I didn’t feel like road kill, BONUS!


We dropped the kiddos off and headed to Saratoga Race Track to meet up with my bestie and enjoy some cocktails and bet some ponies:)

Ash and were hangry by the end of the day so we grabbed a bite to eat at this awesome Mexican place… I’m a huge fan of anyplace that I can eat outside. We only get beautiful weather for a short time in the north east and I will be sure to absorb as much as I can;)

We didn’t want to end the night without a birthday shot

And we ran into another friend and her hubs

We went home and sat by the fire for a bit and then hit the hay by midnight (I know I’m a real thrill seeker lol).

Sunday morning my friend Jess and I had our traditional birthday breakfast.. I’m not sure how I don’t have a pic of this but I’m pretty sure it was due to the non stop chatting from beginning to end.

We ended the weekend at our friend Corey and Amy’s house… We had dinner, the kiddos played, the adults laughed, and maybe a cocktail or two were had…



I’m sooo blessed to have such amazing people in my life and it makes turning 32 enjoyable… And today I start serious marathon training and detox lol.

How was your weekend?!

Last 10 Pics Thursday


It’s been a nutty week for me.. I swear, the week before my birthday is crazy every year… For some reason I have a lot of quotes, sorry:/

We have tons of ride on toys… This is NOT however Ella has recruited this toy as her new ride…

Ella had a drs appointment yesterday.. I took out my phone to text my friend and Ella was standing there saying cheese… I couldn’t just leave her hanging;)

This was on my friends FB page the other day… I LOVED it!!!!

Here’s the first quote this week. Some days it’s tough to remember but this was a nice reminder:)

I seen this the other day and sent it to the ladies I went away with lady weekend… Have I mentioned how much I love them!

Just another pic that was added from my family party.. This is my cousins wife. She just lost over 40lbs! Go Jamie!

Love me some Audrey Hepburn! I want this quote for Ella’s room.

This pic makes my heart smile…

<img src="" alt="20140717-124550- Continue reading

What Up Wednesday….


Happy Hump Day… Only positives to talk about today, but I want to thank you for your support… Love you guys💋.

First things first, my run yesterday…


I wanted to go four however, it started to rain and while I don’t necessarily love to run in the rain, I will if I don’t have my cellphone….unfortunately, today was one of those days but it was another run that left me smiling….the weather calls for rain all day today but I’m hoping to be able to squeeze in a run at some point in the day…

Number Two, this Saturday I’m going to be 30 freaking 2! Birthdays have always been bittersweet for me and I feared that my 30s were going to be a disaster and I’d instantly have a face full of wrinkles and gray hair, lol… When in reality I look way better than I did in my 20s. I love that in today’s society getting older is celebrated and woman DO get better, stronger, more beautiful and even on some cases faster….

Anyways for my big day I will be celebrating with a few of my friends at Saratoga Race Track, drinking champs, and hopefully laughing A LOT!


And last but not least, last night I was watching Extreme Weightloss, not sure if you are familiar but they follow ones journey over a year. The year is broken down into quarters and at each they are suppose to meet a Weightloss goal….last night they followed a young woman named Brandi, and at her 3 month check in they informed her that she would be doing a half ironman at her 6 month check in. They set her up with a coach and it was amazing to watch her work hard everyday and get stronger. Well at her 6 month mark, she didn’t hit her weight goal but she DID compete and complete a half ironman. I was SO inspired!
The inspiration began with Kristen at Glitteranddust. I followed her training journey and cheers her on week after week and thought, “I wish I could do that!” After watching Brandi’s journey I want to sign up for a half ironman… It won’t be in the next few months but I’m thinking within the next year I will have completed or be in training for one…. It’s just one more thing I’m adding to that infamous bucketlist.

Half ironman….here I come….


Does anyone have any helpful hints for ones first ironman?

What up on your Wednesday?!

Horrible,terrible, no good, very bad day

I have a lot of crazy things going on in my life that I’m not ready to put it out there yet but the bottom line with any bad stuff is that it wears away at you and in some cases consumes you. Some days are better than others and others feel like the worst. But what’s important is that each day you get up ready to face a new day and tackle those challenges!


Yesterday was one of THOSE days; you know the one where nothing seemed to go right. I couldn’t get out of my own way if I tried, and trust me I tried! It was just a series of annoying things all day! So by 7pm after I put Ella down for bed I NEEDED to run… Not far and not necessarily fast but I needed to clear my head… So I threw on my new awesome under armor mesh tank that I scored at the outlets for 7 bucks ( it was a little girls extra large) and my running shoes and off I went…


I only ran two miles but for the first time all summer I felt AMAZING…. I got home and stopped my watch and looked down and was siked!


I’m not going to the Olympics or anything but it was one of those confidence booster runs that we all need once in a while… One of those runs that get you excited to run again and train for your marathon… One of those runs that make you smile when you were ready to cry… Thank you running Gods I soooo needed that!

Have you ever had one of THOSE runs?

Happy Tuesday🎈