Numbers are everywhere in a runners life 5k, 10k, 13.1, 26.2, 10x800s, your times, and your bib numbers. But the numbers I’m talking about today are the ones we see on the scale!

Lately I’ve gotten a lot of flack for my weight. Which no one knows the exact number and honestly it’s nobody’s business because I am a healthy 3 digit number. I think women get it the worst… We are scrutinized for being too thin or too thick, we don’t lose baby weight fast enough or we lose it too fast, we go to college and gain the freshman 15, we get married and get lazy, we break up and eat our feelings or refuse to eat our feelings…it’s a losing battle. I’m not saying men don’t get scrutinized but I feel like sometimes we are all suppose to be this perfect cookie cutter, stepford wife…and it’s just not realistic….we don’t wake up looking like this, he’ll I don’t even look like that after I’m ready for the day.


The media has a lot to do with it but we allow the media to do it do us. Do you remember the girl who won the biggest loser was scrutinized for losing too much weight.

It's not my job to say whether she took it too far or not but I will say kudos to her for losing all that weight…

I will be the first to admit I battle the scale every day…. But I'm health conscious. I like to make good food choices one because I love food and two because I want to be a good role model for my children. We eat a lot of fruits and veggies and I'm trying to teach them balance.


I try not to talk numbers and I definitely don’t want Ella to be fixated on a number. I think it can be dangerous. I am also sick of people asking me how much I way and saying I look sick because I am not! I will tell you what I am….I’m a Marathoner…I run what some people would say an insane amount of miles, but to me seem normal. I bust my but to stay fit, NOT thin or skinny. There is no trick or secret… Oh wait there is…it’s called hard work and dedication…



To all my peeps battling the scale or scrutiny… Hold your head high…. Only you know the truth. As usual, haters….hate on…..

Happy Thursday!

What Up Wednesday

Here we are again…hump day AND what up Wednesday!


Here is another weekly installment of what up Wednesday…here’s what up in my world….


No I’m not! Tuesday will be my first day back and while I wish I could say I’m excited about going back, the truth is I’m not. I went to school and received my masters to be a teacher and for the last 4 years I’ve held the title,of a teachers’s assistant. I didn’t mind because for the most part I was put impositions where I ran my own room…this year yet again I’m doing something else. I love the school and the kids I hate that after 5 years I still don’t have the job I should… So I’m seriously considering a profession change… What am I going to do you ask? That is the same thing I have been asking and why I am still going back…until I figure out another plan…

2. On a brighter note the fair is in town!

It’s def a small town fair but everything about it leaves great memories if my childhood. There’s something about the fair that just makes me happy. We drive by the site everyday going to my dad’s house and Brady and Ella’s little faces light up in anticipation of going…I work evenings but my sister in laws want to try to bring the kids before work one day this week and then Michael and I will try to bring them Sunday or Monday…I can’t wait it eat all the not good for you fair food! Lol..

3. My long run this week…. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been feeling run down this week. Maybe because I’m depressed about going back next week or maybe I’m just warn out… I’m not sure…. But none the less my goal is 18 miles… With 6 weeks until my marathon I’m not going to panic yet, after all I trained for my last marathon in a month;) I got time…



Last but not least…. What are your plans for the weekend?! I have to work Saturday but my aunt is having one last BBQ if the summer season. I always enjoy spending time with my wonderfully crazy family. I still have back to school shopping for myself and I have to finish Brady’s back to school shopping… Hey, I love Labor Day sales, while I am a procrastinator I also love to shop! Brady really has bee done for a few weeks, but what’s a few more things;)

What up in your Wednesday?!
Have you ever made a drastic decision when it came to your career? How did you go about it?
What are you doing for Labor Day?

Some good news:)

This training cycle has left me feeling less than excited about my upcoming marathon however I have got some good stuff happening in my running world that I feel like I want to share;)

1. I think this helped me get through my long run on Sunday:)

I’m an ambassador! Wahoo! It makes me feel a bit more official;)

2. While not AS exciting as the above I have finally decided on a new pair of kicks with a little help from Janae

I wanted to be a Mizuno girl soooo bad but Brooks just make my feet happy:) #sorrynotsorry

3. Boston marathon registration in two weeks!!!!

Yes, this is happening!!!! Regardless of what this fall marathon brings… And that is just fabulous….

You know that saying, “I have to laugh or I’d cry”? That’s me right now with running… So instead of crying I’m finding the good things and HOPING that all of my positives will help me persevere;) Brady went to my MIL’s for the night lastnight so me and this girl are going running together and having a girls day;)
br />
What are some positives in your running world?!

“Get Better”

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! This waitressing/bartending job is kicking my butt and my poor little legs butt!

Last week I got ONE run in, ONE! Between working, weather, and getting Brady ready for school… One run was all I could swing. None the less, my bestie Ashley and decided to attempt a long run together…

It was nice to have a running partner:) we use to run together all of the time but she was living in Albany and it’s just a crazy commute! We stayed together for half of it and then I took off… True to big sister form I kept turning back to check on her if I thought the gap was getting too big.

It was painful and long… I know this sounds insane but I feel like it took more energy to go at a slower pace and by the end of my run I was feeling it:/ I felt like I was dying a long painful death! I just felt sooooo run down, it was horrible! My legs literally felt like they weren’t moving! We somehow persevered…

I’m not sure how either one of us are smiling but we are! While I’m happy it’s over I’m scared for my future. How am I going to run this marathon in a month in a half?! How am I going to complete my long runs?! How can I get better and stronger in order accomplish my marathon goals?!

That run kicked my butt sooo bad that I came home, walked up stairs and crashed with this little cutie…


After my nap I was able to address this question: NOW WHAT?!
I’m a real person and when real people fall on their faces they either have to get back up and keep going or lay there and cry about it… I’m up, ready to face a new week, looking forward to getting stronger and refocusing on what I need and want to do….ready for a new week….

How was your weekend?
Tell me some good stuff!

Last 10 Pics Thursday!

It’s been a while since I’ve done this… Here are the last 10 pics on my iPhone:)

I seen this on FB and screen shot it… I love this and I hope Elle feels this way when she grows up:/

Brady REFUSES to go to bed until we do…yet he always seems to fall asleep in my nook… I’ll take it;)

She likes to wear hats… And buckets… Luckily she wears it well;)

Cuddle time! Enough said;)

Yeah my son is bada$$ he drives a Benz lol… I bought this for his second Christmas and he is now cruisin with Elle like they are teenagers:\ #sadmommy

Brady has VERY thin hair so we let it grow out… But he’s starting school so he got a big boy hair cut to start his first day if school:)

“Mommy I want to sleep next to you.” Yep… There he is!


Everything was 14.99 and under at Gymboree, this outfit including headband was under 10 bucks!!!!

This was the cowboy burger where I work… AMAZING!!!!!! And that’s a mimosa with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice…. All just amazing! Not because I work there just because it is!i don’t think I could work where the food was rubbish;) just saying:/

Tell me about your last 10 pics… Or post them;)

What Up Wednesday!


Here’s what up on my Wednesday….
Nope I haven’t fall off the face of the earth however I was hiding and NOT running… I have mentioned in the past that I have a bunion that is causing me some insane pain. The pain is now moving into my arch, so I took so time off and ran 10 miles yesterday….

It actually felt really good! I have decided that running everyday doesn’t work for me. I mean the pain is still there but I think I may be better off running less…. Otherwise I’m going to burn out and be in a lot of pain!

On Monday we finally went to the indoor trampoline park… I was a bit disappointed because my kids could only stay in the kiddie area and parents aren’t allowed to jump in the kiddie area but, Brady and Ella had an amazing time and that is really all that matters…





Brady got his back to school hair cut! He looks like such a big boy! 2 weeks and he will be an official pre-k student:(


How has your week been!? What up on your Wednesday!?

I Am Beautiful…

The other day while I had a few minutes to catch up on my blogging I came across this post from Courtney… Basically it challenges you to find 5 pics in which you feel the most beautiful… So here. We. Go!

I didn’t love being pregnant but I was able to run through my entire pregnancy with Ella… They say girls suck the beauty out of their mothers but I beg to differ for this is literally one of my favorite adult pics of myself and I am literally glowing!

This was from 2006, our first year together. It’s one if my favorite pics of us. Have I mentioned I miss my blonde hair?!

On my wedding day… We got married in Jamaica at sunset…. After many bottles of Champagne and some great food… I sat waiting for the jitney to bring me back to out fabulous room…I feel very Carrie Bradshaw here…

I’m kind of cheating here but I couldn’t find a pic of me with both kids that I loved… But my children make me feel beautiful and in think that I have become “more beautiful” and confident as a mother. They have taught me that perfection is about being imperfectly perfect and they have given me the ability to laugh at myself ..



When I have completed a race whether it’s a 5k or marathon, I feel beautiful, strong, and empowered… I feel lucky that I am still competitive and able to compete and I LOVE that my children are there to cheer me on every step of the way…..

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… On this day… I felt like a super hero;)

I challenge you to find 5 pics in which you felt most beautiful/handsome… Do it, do it!