What Up Wednesday and Guess What I Did?


One of my dilemmas from last week was that I wanted to do the Ragnar Relay but didn’t have the money…. well another team offered me a free spot and I TOOK IT! It was weighing heavy on my mind just because it was such an amazing opportunity to pass up. I don’t know if I will get the chance to do it again but what I do know is it is something I will NEVER forget.


My team left from the city so I made sure to get to the starting line in Saratoga extra early… (it’s only 30 minutes from my house).  The energy at the starting line is sooo intense… it’s team upon team, sizing everyone up… wondering who is what leg and what each others PR’s are. We were in the LAST heat of the day, leaving at 1PM with the goals were to pass as many teams as possible and Lake Placid or BUST.  I know a lot of people come to these things for the fun or the experience but my team came to win….

I was leg 11 and 2 out of 3 of my legs were at night.  Scary yes, but also kind of amazing.  It showed me that I could do it, I’m not a wimp and I am kind of badass.  I’m not going to lie there was one incident of getting lost but I quickly found my way and all was well…


van 2

320 teams, 197 miles, 22 + hours, 12 runners, 2 vans, very little sleep but a priceless experience none the less…. and while results say another team won, we are challenging that because we know that they weren’t in our heat even though they were suppose to be…. so for now I will say yes we got second, but hopefully in  a few days I will have some great news confirming that yes we were in fact number 1!



The number of teams our van passed!


Fall Goals…

fall goals

I’m not happy about it but it IS officially Fall… I’m hoping with the cooler weather comes faster times, lol.

My personal goals/bucket list is:

Bring the kids apple picking… I keep saying that I”m going to do it and I have yet to do it…This is the year I can feel it, lol.


Every year we go to the pumpkin patch but this year I’m not only going to let the kids pick out a pumpkin I actually want to decorate them… I’m a control freak so this will be difficult but in my head it will be so cute…


I would like to go hiking in the Adirondacks.  The once I finish training for this marathon I am going to need something else to occupy my Sunday morning runs! There are tons of peaks to hike so I’m hoping to get at least 4 in!


I want to cook and host Thanksgiving dinner this year….


 I don’t have a lot because lets be honest, I don’t have a lot of time and I want to really focus in on my goals and actually accomplish them..

My Running Goals…

I only have 3 running goals:

1. Run one more half (which I already signed up for)

2. BQ at the Mohawk Hudson Marathon

3. Run 4-5 days throughout the fall….

What are your fall goals?

What Up Wednesday

This week is flying by for me… I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday! You know what that means….


Here’s what up on my Wednesday!

1. I decided to sign up for another half before my marathon.  I know I was just talking about SACRIFICE… and this is one of those things where I am compromising but in a good way…. I wanted to squeeze in one more half before my marathon and this seemed like my best of both worlds.  I’m running a half in one of my favorite places and my children get to see their aunts and uncles that they don’t get to see often….


It’s suppose to be “flat and fast” which is my kind of race…. it’s multiple loops which I don’t love but I’m super siked because we will be in Brooklyn, one of my favorite places because they have the best pizza at L&B’s. So yes this will be my post race treat…


I’m also super excited because we get to spend time with one of my favorite people, my sister in law Gail! We stayed with her when I ran the Staten Island half back in April and we will be staying with her again… I’m hoping for nice weather so I can bring the kids down along the water and maybe even over to Coney Island in BK.

2. I’m attempting an 18-20 mile run this weekend… The weather is suppose to be amazing and I am actually getting excited about running again… I think I just needed to race in order to re-ignite my love for running…. I’m back and hopefully better than ever.. I guess we will see next weekend!


3. Last night was my first open house as a parent… I’m not going to lie it’s a lot different to be on the other end but it was definitely nice…. way less stress.  We got this picture from his teachers…

photo (3)

Why is he getting so big!?

He also informed us that he has a girlfriend! WHAT?! lol yeah that happened yesterday… When Michael asked him what he was talking about, Brady responded, “I have a girlfriend dude!”…. This is just the beginning:(

What up on your Wednesday?!

The Sacrafice…

Steve Prefontaine USA

It’t not a secret that I have been struggling all summer with my training and “injury” and in turn I have also not been racing as much as I was.  I love to run and I love to race but only when I can be and give 100%.  Lately I have been thinking about SACRIFICE and how it effects life.  We have all been through it and we all need to make decisions that aren’t ideal.

 Yesterday I mentioned not being able to do the Ragnar Relay due to finances.  We have a lot going on and with such short notice I just couldn’t come up with the extra 250, not to mention I would have missed Brady’s first picture day and his soccer game on Saturday.  There will be other Ragnar Relays (I hope). But there won’t be other first picture days and there are only so many soccer games in a season.   SACRIFICE

I enjoy being a mother and I enjoy spending time with my children.  Mike works late during the summer and I don’t like “pawning” my children off on other people, so that means runs get pushed later or to not doing them and in turn my training suffers.  I love racing but I don’t like to put myself in bad situations.  I run because I have had a lot of success in the last 20 years and honestly when the success is gone I will no longer race.  I will always run, but I won’t always race. I want success but I have to decide what I am going to SACRIFICE.. it’s either time with my children, time with Michael, time working, time with my friends, or my running time.  With a second job, the SACRIFICE has been running lately.

It kind of makes me sad, because I had pre-set goals for the fall and I now have to re-evaluate.  I was actually shocked with my time over the weekend and I almost feel lucky to have some “natural” talent that makes up for my lack of training, but you can’t fake training for a marathon.  I’ve decided to put as much as I can into the next 3 weeks and hope for another amazing race….unfortunately, I am going to have to SACRIFICE another thing in my life but for the next three weeks it’s all about my family and the marathon!

What do you think you SACRIFICE?

Another half in the books….

It’s been a crazy weekend full of questions about my future races….  Because my training has been so spotty I was debating on whether or not I was going to run on Sunday…. But because it was my besties first half marathon I decided to suck it up and do it anyways.

Soooo it goes… Sunday I was SUPPOSE to get up at 4:05AM and for some reason (because I didn’t set it for AM I set it for PM), my alarm never went off. I was suppose to drop the kids off at my dads at 530 and pick the Ashley up at 545, yeah no. I woke up at 525!!!! Michael dropped the kids off and picked up Ashley and I scrambled to get ready, minus breakfast (that was a bad choice).  SOMEHOW, we made it on the the road by 6AM and we made it to Saratoga by 650AM. We had enough time to use the bathroom and warm up.

photo 4

we made it and we are READY…. well ashley was

The race went of at exactly 725AM… the first mile was a long incline and the second mile was rolling hills… Those of you who have kept up with my blog know that I try to avoid hills at all costs, so had I did my research I would have known that this is a challenging course (for me anyways)…

photo 1

My first 8 miles were beautiful 650’s pace, and then I died and went down to 720s and 730s.  I don’t know if was my lack of breakfast or lack of training but it was a little disappointing.  Any who, I finished in 1:35:11 (official time).   The first female finished in 1:14, she is bad ass!

photo 2 (3)photo 3

And my bestie finished her FIRST half marathon in 2:11… overall.. it was a good morning!

In other news, I am debating not doing the Ragnar. I really want to do it, but financially I don’t know if we can swing it this week.  Typically  you have time to financially plan for races but because it was a last minute thing I have not had time to save. Not to mention I am taking a class this fall and basically have no extra money. So my once in a lifetime opportunity, may  have to pass me by right now.

Also, I need to get one more long run in before my marathon in three weeks.  I’m going to attempt an 18-20 mile run this weekend.  If I can’t do it I may defer my entry until next year.  I don’t want to but I also don’t want to injure myself.

Have you ever had to defer a race or not run because you weren’t marathon ready/race ready?

Have you ever had to back out of something you really wanted to do due to finances?

Anyone else race this weekend?

What Up Wednesday!

photo (1)

It’s Wednesday and I can’t believe how fast this week is going… it’s probably because I have been and will continue to be busy all week/weekend!

Here’s what up on my Wednesday..


This Sunday will be my first half since May… I’m really excited about it… I’m not in peak shape but this is my friends first half marathon ever and it’s for a good cause.  I have danced back and forth of whether or not I was going to run and after Monday’s run I said why not?! It’s already paid for and I’m not one to pay for a race and not run… I have three simple goals for this race:

1. I’d like to run 1:40 or better

2. Finish with a smile on my face

3. If I finish ahead of my bestie to go back and finish with her (hopefully we can get pics)


When it comes to running I can often be spontaneous…. yesterday one of my friends on FB asked if anyone would be interested in doing the Ragnar Relay Adirondacks… it goes from Saratoga Springs to Lake Placid, NY…. of course crazy Tantra said oh yes pick me! lol… it’s one of those things that I have wanted to do for a long time… a bucket lister…  So on Sept 26/27 I will be riding and running with 11 strangers for 200 miles…. this may be one of my more insane things that I have done….


The next month is all about believing in myself, believing in my training and sticking to the plan…. I’m typically a “realist” which is often mistaken for a pessimist…. because I’m use to being let down… however, this is all in my control for the most part…I have a tattoo on my right wrist that says “believe”….  for the first time in a long time I actually do…

Has anyone done a Ragnar? Can anyone give me any helpful hints?

What Up on your Wednesday?

Hello Fall

With a half marathon approaching this Sunday, I knew I needed to make the decision to either run it or go an cheer my bestie on in her VERY first half….

It’s been a LONG two week for me because I decided to take some time off and give my foot some time to “heal”.  It was an extremely hard choice for me to make especially because I have a marathon in one month and I just signed up for Boston… it made signing up for Boston scary instead of joyful and exciting. I digress….

ANYWHO, last night I decided to take some of the new music I downloaded and enjoy the cool fall evening with a run.  I knew that it could go either way; it could be either awesome and fabulous or horrible and painful….well after a 5 mile run I can honestly say I’M BACK!

photo 1 (2) photo 2 (2)

I can’t believe how good I felt! And while my foot has still has pain in my fun everyday shoes, I felt NO pain during OR after my run! I don’t know if I’m really ready for this half this weekend but I am EXTREMELY excited to race again…. and I think that I can FINALLY make some REAL fall goes… stay tuned!

How was your weekend?

Is anyone racing this weekend?