Running Bucket List & This Year’s Goals

After two beautiful and healthy children I am done being pregnant! With that being said I think it’s good to set goals… so this is my  Bucket Running Bucket List:


  1. Boston Marathon-2015
  2. NYC Marathon
  3. Chicago Marathon
  4. Athens Marathon
  5. Paris Marathon
  6. London Marathon
  7. An Ultra Marathon
  8. Disney Challenge
  9. Run a Ragnar Relay-2014 Adironack Winners
  10. Run a race in every state
  11. Run a half marathon every month for a year
  12. Run a marathon every month for a year

(I’m going to need another job or two to support this list)



2016 Running Goals

  1. PR in Boston- Current PR 3:23:21
  2. PR in the half-1:32 ish
  3. Run at least one race a month
  4. Sign up for a fall marathon




Do you have a running bucket list? What is it?

5 thoughts on “Running Bucket List & This Year’s Goals

  1. I love your blog and actually–my blog was named “pretty lil running girl” for its first month…then I changed it over to “The Girl Who Ran Everywhere” —> so you know I love your blogs name!!! Great goals and best of
    Luck along your journey! You’ve got this girl!!

    1. I LOVE your blog as well… I have been checking it everyday…I decided 2014 was going to be the year I started blogging and I have to say it’s quite addicting! It was hard to come up with something that nobody else had, yet catchy ya know but you know what they say,”Great minds think alike”… I’m looking forward to following eachtothers journeys and who knows maybe we will run BOSTON next year together…. good luck this year … chat soon.. Tantra

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