Running Bliss



You can’t PR everyday, not every run will feel good… but the days where you feel amazing…it’s bliss.  As I have said, I took a two-week hiatus and I wasn’t sure how yesterday’s run was going to go; however for the first time in MONTHS it was 50 and sunny and I was going to take full advantage.  I got home, gave Brady and Ella a snack, went upstairs got dressed, laced up my running sneakers…. and I was out the door.  The first two miles felt like pure hell, but once I got into my stride it was pure bliss.  You know…THAT feeling.  The feeling of the sun beating on your back while rocking out to an amazing playlist on the open road.  I forgot how much I loved running and what good therapy it is to me; how a good run can erase even the worst of days and at the end of it you feel that you are ready to conquer the world.  After 6 miles in 42:33, I felt like a whole new woman…


Unfortunately, yesterday was the calm before the storm because we are supposed to get a pretty nasty storm…AGAIN! Either way, I’ll be out there on the open road…. just a lot colder:/




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