Spring…Where are you?

I wake up at 4:30am because my husband and I share a car and I have to bring him to work and come home get myself ready, get the kids ready, drop them of at daycare, then be to work by 7:45am…. That alone is like a mini workout.  By the time I’m on my way to school, caffeine is MANDATORY.  However, my little Ella Bella was up all last night sick, so without this, I would have been in zombie-mode.

medium coconut caramel iced coffee light and sweet (my student recommended it to me at the beginning of the year and I’ve been hooked since)

I’m not saying i’m addicted to caffeine, i’m just saying you MAY not want to talk to me if I haven’t had my Dunkin.  In my defense I NEVER needed coffee until after my second child (go figure).  Anyways, for some reason, Mother Nature has forgotten about us in fabulous upstate NY and while it was 38 degrees yesterday… it really only felt like 28.  And by the time I actually went running at 5:30PM, my face was frozen the entire run.  I get it, I live in the northeast, its cold, but my question is… when will it be LESS cold?   I finished my 6 mile run in 44:17…



The bonus was that after my run I knew that I got to go home and eat the funfetti cake my sister-in-law made:)  JACKPOT!!!  There’s always tomorrow:/



What’s your favorite cake flavor? I LOVE red velvet


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