Are Smartphones REALLY That smart?!

Hi, my name is Tantra and I’m an iPhone-a-holic! Listen, I LOVE my iphone and I know in today’s day and age we may be a tad phone obsessed… HOWEVER, for a smart phone I feel sometimes its not that smart… just saying.


Yesterday evening, I set out for my long run (yes I am aware that it still gets dark early however, I thought I had time).  My run was pretty awesome.  We live in the country and it’s upstate NY, so it’s a pretty view, quiet and of course, there is still snow on the ground.  The other issue is that it is COLD, which I complain about on a regular basis and I apologize.  Something that I enjoy on my long runs is rocking out to my nutty playlist. The other thing I enjoy is having my husband pick me up at the end of my long runs (I’m a point A to point B runner, not a loop runner).  It started getting dark and I got panicked so I decided to cut my run short @ ten miles (1:18) however, when I went to take out my phone in the cold weather… it shut down.  Now listen smarty marty phone, I get that it is cold, but if I can withstand that temp. I expect you to as well…. in addition, I am now stranded 10 miles from my house (which you should know because you are so very smart)… maholo for that as well.  (luckily my husband is smart enough to come looking for me lol) or other wise it would have been a VERY cold, lonely jog home praying that I do not get eaten by wildlife….

Have any of you experienced this with your iphones/smartphones?

Do you have any race plans for this weekend?


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