The count down to 13.1


One wk from today almost down to the minute I’ll be standing at the starting line of the Staten Island 13.1…

It’s been almost 6 years since I’ve raced that distance! 6 FREAKING YEARS! I’m not scared I won’t finish ( because I will), I’m scared what my time will be…. I would like a PR which would be under 1:42, but I don’t want to be disappointed if it’s slower:( Training has been tough up here and I just need a boost to keep me running, the rush you get with a PR! I know, I know… People say: just have fun, it’s an accomplishment just finishing, just do your best… Um, no. I’m racing for hardware and it WILL be fun IF I do well… I really love hardware:/.

On a MUCH brighter note and equally important…What am I going to wear!? As of right now the weather calls for, 55 and partly cloudy. My goal is to not over heat and I’ve been digging the running skirts, what are your thoughts on them?! Are they comfy?! Annoying?! Details?!


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