When in Rome…..



No, no… I’m not going to Rome (though I wish I was) however I have decided that while I’m in the city this weekend running my half marathon and visiting family, I’m also going to run this 5k! I may be INSANE for even attempting this however this is too cool of an opportunity to pass up and people do back to back races all of the time, not me, but people.

Saturday morning I will run 13.1 in Staten Island, go home (to my fabulous sister-in-laws beautiful home), relax, eat amazing food that you can’t get in upstate, and “rest”… Sunday morning we will shoot out to Queens, where the hubs and I (and maybe even my fabulous sister-in-law because she knows what an awesome opportunity this is) will run this SUPER FLAT 5k. Of course i’m not expecting a PR, even though that would be fabulous, i’m just trying to test my body’s limits… I am super nervous that after running the half on Saturday that I will be dead and flat on Sunday but either way I want to do this race AND as of right now it’s suppose to be 61 on Saturday and 55 on Sunday- both days sunny!!! Perfect racing weather if you ask me.

THIS WEEKENDS GOALS: PR in the half, come home with hardware from the 5k, and eat as many NYC bagels as possible without getting carb face:)

Have you ever done back to back race? What did you do to help recover quickly?


3 thoughts on “When in Rome…..

  1. Sarah, thank you soooo much! I’m def going to need them…I’m going through a mix of emotions as the weekend approaches… If nothing else it will def be an experience, and really that is what it’s all about!!!!

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