Where are you going?!

I was first introduced to the Garmin while running a 10k in Vegas with one of my friends…They have a pretty big running community which I am always envious of. Anywho…. while I was out there I noticed everyone had these weird running watches including my friend Tanya, who is one of the founders of downtown runners in Vegas. She explained that it was a Garmin and explained what it did. Of course as soon as I returned home I forced Michael to buy me one because all of the ‘REAL’ runners had them and of course I considered myself a ‘real’ runner.  

I thought this was the most beautiful, amazing, sparkly thing ever…. back in the day of course

I’m pretty sure I had it over nighted because I couldn’t wait to have it and from the moment I recieved it in the mail we have been connected ever since.  He (yes a guy) is the my BBFL, partner in crime, pb to my jelly and we have had a good run (no pun intended), however its time for this girl to trade it in for a newer version of a running GPS…. who knows, maybe something a little more pretty;)  

This will hopefully be the last half that me and my 2008 Garmin will run together… I know there are an array of running GPS’s out there, what is your fav and why?




3 thoughts on “Where are you going?!

  1. I got the New Balance NX950 GPS Runner back in February for my birthday. I actually really like it a lot. I haven’t even played around with the interval setting yet, but it’s been nice to head out for a run and know how far I’ve gone and how fast I am going.

  2. I totally had a long-term love affair with the same Garmin. I equally wanted a new model and at the same time didn’t want to part with my first Garmin that had been with me through so much. New running toys are so fun!

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