My student drew this for me… I’m running into the sunset… yes I STILL have a chalkboard…lol

I’m hoping that my lack of running this week will just mean that I am well rested and ready to rock it this weekend.  The car is packed and once the hubs gets out of work we will be on our way to the city of giant bagels (which are amazingly amazing), fabulous fashions, and our fantastic family.

I’m not sure why packing takes me so long (over an hour and a half last night)  and why I insist on bringing soooo much stuff, but I always think about the “just in case” scenarios and that,my friends, is why I have 5 bags of crap stuffed into the back of my car…because I can’t POSSIBLY not bring the one extra outfit! SERIOUSLY TANTRA?! The good news is that after nine years michael just rolls his eyes and packs the car, over and over and over again.

When I see this pic I hear the song Empire State by Alicia Keys…. Nnnnneeeeewwwww Yyyyyoooorrrrkkk!!!!

Have I mentioned that NYC is legit one of my most favorite places of all time!!!!! I have soooo many AMAZING memories of it from college and post college and I can’t for Brady and Ella to fall in love with it as well. Wish me luck lovelies and stay tuned for my recap!!!! 


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