Motivation Monday


Let me begin by saying I didn’t make to registration in time to do the 5k yesterday:( I often forget that Staten Island and Queens aren’t exactly right next to each other.  Registration ended at 815 and we didn’t get there until 830 (epic fail for this girl).

This morning on the way to work my husband and I were discussing my race from Saturday and while a PR and coming in second female is nothing to cry about, I AM still disappointed because I know I can do sooooo much better. I have a million excuses why I can’t go for a run or I keep saying I will do it later and it never happens and then race day comes and I’m disappointed with my performance. I don’t like the road that I have been walking and I know I need to make a change.  I was originally going to run the Long Island Marathon but I am just not conditioned enough to do it, I don’t need another repeat of the Burlington Marathon circa 2008.  So I may the decision to do the half and I have a month to really prepare for this.  I told Michael this morning that I am in SERIOUS training mode until May 4, I know I can take at least another 5 minutes off my time if I really buckle down… It’s time to get serious!



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