Here are a few things that have been going on in my life lately….

I took Sunday and Monday off to recover from my half on Saturday,and yesterday was miserable outside so you know what that means for me? TREADMILL! I have been avoiding the treadmill like the plague lately bc he and I spent sooooo much time together in freezing February… It was just all bad.  For some reason four miles on the treadmill felt a million times worse than the 13.1 I did in the wind on Saturday.  It was a mental and physical battle so I did myself a favor and stepped away.  I’ve run long enough to know that some days just getting SOMEthing in is better than nothing….

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do a GREAT recap from Saturday, but along with my fabulous new skirt, I tried compression socks… Holy Hannah! I loved them… two new things that I will be incorporating on my race days from now on.  As a matter of fact I just purchased two new pair from PRO Compression…. yes, I have an addiction.

Speaking of race days, we have a 5k and kids run coming up this weekend, the Schoharie 5k Run-Walk.  I heard through the grape-vine that it is hilly which I usually shy away from BUT there is a kids run and Brady has been asking to “race like mommy” since the Kilt Run.  I want my kids to always be active and understand the importance of it whether it be walking, running, baseball, soccer, etc.  Just be active, ya know!?

Do you run in compression socks? What do you think?

Are you racing this weekend? How far? What race?


5 thoughts on “WHAT UP WEDNESDAY!!!

  1. I don’t run in compression socks. I have lots of pairs of both socks and sleeves but have never worn them on a run.

    I am not racing this weekend and I’m thankful for that after my horrible half last weekend. My next race is in two and a half weeks. It’s only a 10 mile one but I’m looking forward to the challenge since it will be a little more hilly than I’m used to.

  2. I am a HUGE fan of PRO Compression. I used to wear the calf sleeves all the time (swear by them!) and then got my first pair of socks a couple months ago. They have been fantastic. I’m currently recovering from tendonitis and really like the extra support.

    Good luck in your race this weekend! I have one on Saturday. (It’s a 10K…Sole of the City in Baltimore.)

    1. I couldn’t believe how great my legs felt after the wearing them… my friend swore by them so I gave them a go. Much like the skirts, I’m obsessed.

      Thank you I’m going to need it! Good luck in your 10k! I can’t wait to read how well you did!

  3. I love to run in compression socks. Mostly because they are adorable, but also because I can tell a big difference when I wear them for long distances vs. when I don’t.

    No races for me this weekend!

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