For Me?! Fantastic Four

Early this week, Cat from Cat’s Mewsings nominated me for the Fantastic Four Award! Cat has an awesome blog and always has the ability to make me laugh… you should hit up her blog if you get a chance

First is the Influential Blogger Award…


Next, the  Sunshine Award


Then comes the Awesome Content Award…


And finally, the Inner Peach Award.


Now I’m supposed to describe myself using each letter of the alphabet, which could be interesting.

A – ambitious
B – Baker (love baking and making things pretty)
C – Clean Freak… I can’t stand a mess… I walk around behind my children picking stuff up…lol
D – Dessert.. I will eat all three meals just to have dessert at the end…
E – Educator
F – Fashionable and Fun
G – Glitter… Loves it!
H – Half Marathon Lover
I – Independent
J – Jasmine.. My middle name
K –Klutz… I walk into things, trip over stuff, fall for no reason, etc  thats why trail running is a no no for me
L –  Laugh… I love to laugh
M – Mommy to Brady (3) and Ella (1)
N – NYC.. my favorite place
O – Organized almost to the point of OCD
P – Paris- I’m obsessed with all things Parisian

Q –  Quick… In my HS days I was a sprinter and pretty FAST

R – Racing.. It’s legit one of my favorite things to do
S – Sassy Pants
T – Tantra Fabulous (My college nickname) & Target… my one stop shop
U – Unique
V – Vivacious
W –  Witty
X – Xenodocheionology (love of hotels)-I love hotels, nice ones with a great view, some one to cook and clean for you, pool, hottub, mini gym, bar downstairs… JACKPOT
Y –  Youthful.. my students keep me young and “hip”
Z – Zzzzzz’s rarely happen…I wonder if I would be a better runner if I got more sleep….hmmm

Now it’s time to nominate some peeps that I think are deserving. Please, don’t feel obligated to participate–I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your blogs! There are so many blogs to choose from but because this is called the fantastic four I’m only going to choose four:)







4 thoughts on “For Me?! Fantastic Four

    1. Kristen, you totally have to go to NYC. I know that you will LOVE it. I know this sounds insane but it truly IS one of the most amazing places…. I love it all, the food, the bakeries, musuems, people, broadway shows, shopping, just walking around you get a sense of something beautiful and different that you don’t get from any other city (not that I have ever been to anyways).

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