One of the perks of being a teacher, besides my kick-ass students, are the breaks we get through out the year.  Today starts the beginning of spring break, yeah!!!! Sadly, we are not going anywhere this time but I am looking forward to getting some quality time in with my kiddos, cleaning and organizing my space, and maybe even getting in a few quality runs.  There’s just something great about knowing that you don’t have to set your alarm at night…. and I was CRAZY this morning and got to sleep into a whopping 7am….. I know I know, NUTS!

Track Babies…. they were doomed from the start…and yup that’s where it all started for me… the love of track right behind them

One of the bonuses of teaching where I grew up and had so much track success, is bringing my children back to enjoy a beautiful day a track meet.  Yesterday was one of the first nice days we have had, and my track kids had a meet… so I packed up the old SUV and headed up to the school for some afternoon fun.  I know fun is a relative term but I also know that Brady has been bitten by the track bug because not only does he want to race all of the time he cried when we left the meet yesterday and kept asking to go back…. YUP, he’s hooked! I guess we will see how much he REALLY likes running because we are putting him in the kids run tom at the Schoharie 5k.  No we are not those crazy parents who force their kids to do things, this is by Brady’s request.

Yes, notice I have not broken down and upgraded to a newer GPS…. I WILL before the end of spring break… I PROMISE

Speaking of tomorrow, I can’t believe I’m doing a 5k! I have heard that this is a hilly course, and while I typically choose not to do hilly courses, I decided that I really need a good hill work out AND I love to race…..   Michael even says he wants to do it, so it could be a real family affair tomorrow.  I’m extremely nervous because my runs this week have felt like pure hell, like some times you start off rough and then you feel better? Yeah, there is non of that happening here for me! I’m just hoping that I come home with hardware because I know that a PR is out of the question… and for now I’m ok with that… You can’t PR every race…. I guess.

Is there anything you do the night before a race to help you get ready when your body isn’t responding the way it usually does?

Good Luck to all my racing friends this wknd… PLR


2 thoughts on “FABULOUS Friday…

  1. Good luck! I secretly enjoy races that I know are too hard to PR in because I can run just for fun which is so hard to do at most races, even when you don’t intend to there is usually some kind of subconscious pressure you put on yourself and letting all that go is the best. My favorite race ever was a trail race because it was crazy and obviously I couldn’t PR but I also had never raced trails and I had the best time just hanging out in the woods doing my own thing.

  2. Although teaching can be tough and very busy at times, it definitely has its perks! I love my breaks as they help me to recharge and enjoy a little play time. Good luck tomorrow – I have no doubt you will be fine and run a fast race. Sometimes the environment and adrenaline is enough to get you pumped up mentally and physically. If your body is having an off day, let it. They can’t all be perfect runs and it can be humbling. Cheering for you girl!

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