What up Wednesday!


Well let’s begin with some exciting news… I FINALLY chose a fall marathon that I’m happy with.  I’m sad it won’t be in time for 2015 Boston but if all goes well I will be at 2016 Boston… I can’t even believe I’m planning that far out but when it comes to Boston, one really doesn’t have much of a choice.  Anyways, I signed up for the Mohawk Hudson Marathon in Albany, NY.  I chose this marathon bc it’s only 40 minutes away from me and I can sleep in my own bed and I don’t have to worry about what I would do with Brady and Ella for the weekend or the duration of my run.  It’s a super flat course and it’s one of the top 10 BQ races… so fingers crossed that by the time the summer rolls around I will be starting to prep for my first marathon in 5 years… Praying for a better result!

Let’s discuss some not so exciting news… the freaking weather u?p here in the north east… It’s pretty clear that Mother Nature straight up, hates us…. 80 degrees Sunday and Monday, and freaking 30 and snow yesterday evening and this morning…. UGH… spring where are you !?

Which leads me to my third and final thing, this weekends 5k, Cops and Joggers.  I’ve been going back and forth with this race due to the weather… It was showing rain and the temps were going to be cool, however, I just checked the weather and as of right now its going to be  partly sunny… So as of today I’m still running on Saturday, however, IF I wake up on Saturday and it’s raining I guess I’ll be taking the weekend off….and then I will not race again until the Long Island Half (which I was going to run the marathon but I’m just not conditioned enough).

What ups on your Wednesday?

What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?


8 thoughts on “What up Wednesday!

  1. I’m signed up for one of the top 10 BQ marathons too – Portland Marathon. Like your race, it isn’t until October so I will not be able to qualify for 2015 (but fingers crosses for 2016). Maybe we will both be there! That’s a bummer that you guys have been experiencing some major bipolar weather – it seems like that part of the country had a harsh winter this year.

    1. I was sooo disappointed but now that I hear you are in the same boat I’m kind of siked!!!! How awesome would it be to be able to meet up?! It’s legit 34 but feels 25…. Looks like I’ll be making friends with the treadmill…. Again:(

  2. Congrats on picking a race! That’s so exciting! And yeeeah the weather. Same deal here. Shorts and tee shirts at the baseball game on Sunday to looking outside at the snow last night. I hate it.

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