Throwback Thursday & Boston Dreams



This was from my one and only marathon in 2008.  I constantly refer to it because it truly turned me off from distance running for a long time.  That is when I believed that I was invincible (damn 20s).  It was the first time I had to really train by myself because I have always been part of a team.  I took great prides in my long runs which I thought I had nailed!  Everything pointed to a BQ finish and I was siked…  That was until I got the flu a week before the marathon.  I slept most of it off and filled my self with pedialyte and water and kind of hoped for the best…. 

The first half wasn’t that bad, however, I’m pretty confident I stopped to throw up at least 2 times…. why did I even run it you ask? Good question… I guess I felt that I had put in the training and it would just meet me at the starting line…. yeah well it didn’t.  The second half of the race was an epic disaster.  The volunteers kept asking me if I wanted to step off and get medical attention.  I would say no and kept on going… there was a point when a nurse who was running stopped with me, layed me down on the ground and checked my vitals and even let me use her cell phone to let Michael and Ashley know that I was finishing just WAY later than anticipated.  They started walking towards us and at basically the 25 mile mark we all met up and Ashley ran the end of my race with me  in 5:12:49…. I had lost 10lbs and was severely dehydrated.  Most of all I was severely disappointed in myself.  I know, I know finishing is an accomplishment, but I really thought I was going to qualify for Boston… 

Thank God for finisher medals….

At the end of my first marathon weekend Ashley and I snuck off for a little ink…. Just a reminder that when it was all said and done I DID finish and it’s because I believed in myself….

always remember… you must always believe in yourself

So here I am, officially signed up for my second marathon, with Boston dreams still on my mind.  I now know what it really takes to finish a marathon and I also have learned throughout my many years how important it is to listen to ones body.  With marathon training 3 months away, I’m going to focus and enjoy my “sprints” and remember how far I’ve come, keep my eye on the prize…. BOSTON….and to always BELIEVE.

Now the real question is… what kind of ink will I get after this marathon?

Do you treat yourself to anything special when you finish marathons? (I’d like to tell my 20 something self, finishing really IS an accomplishment)



7 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday & Boston Dreams

  1. I usually plan a meal I want really badly for when I finish, something horrible and unhealthy. I’ve already got one running tattoo but someday when I run an ironman, I have specific plans for a tattoo to commemorate it 🙂

  2. I absolutely loveeee hot wings ha! I don’t even eat meat, but after a big race all I want are Buffalo Wild Wings’ hot wings. So weird. Looking forward to following your marathon training! I

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