Cops and Joggers 5k & The Premature Celebration

Happy Easter Bloggers! Yesterday I did the Cops and Joggers 5k.  It was their first year and I have to say it was VERY well organized:)  I’m glad that I did that hilly 6 mile run the other day because it made the hilly 5k way less hard.  I mean it was a hard course and I know this because all of the other runners were talking about how challenging it was, so I know it wasn’t because I’m a hill whimp either….


The race was put on by the local police department and while the course wasn’t marked there were cops all over the course directing us in the right direction… I almost liked that better.  Anyways, throughout the race there was one other girl ahead of me and all I could think was am I really going to get second AGAIN…. with about 100 meters to go Michael was taking and pictures and was like “you can catch her, go get her”, and while part of me was ready to claim my second place prize, I looked up at her and saw her prematurely celebrating her victory…I know petty, but it was what I needed to sprint past her and claim my first first place finish of the season.  I know this sounds nuts, but that mini celebration was what I needed to light a fire in me and FINALLY use my kick that I have been missing all season.  I’m not sure what the heck I have been doing out there, but I certainly have not been racing…I think my official time was 21:15, not a PR but a racing victory for myself.

RACERS BEWARE:  IF YOU ARE CELEBRATING YOUR VICTORY WITH 100 METERS TO GO, I WILL ATTEMPT TO PASS YOU (I am all about girl power but pre-celebrating your victory when there is someone so close, just pisses me off).

What are your thoughts on the pre celebration?

Are you doing anything fun with your peeps (no pun intended) today?



4 thoughts on “Cops and Joggers 5k & The Premature Celebration

    1. Oh I love that! Sounds like a great time… I think it’s finally getting nice out, so we may drag the kids to get some ice cream and I would love to get a long run in today… POSSIBLY wishful thinking

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