A Little Bit of Sunshine When Skies are Gray

Let me begin with my kick a$$ run last night… I was soooo inspired but the Boston Marathon that I  just had to go running! There’s just something about all the BOSTON LOVE yesterday that was soooo overwhelmingly awesome… I couldn’t help but not run…The sun was shining,  I felt great (In my crazy head I was Shalane Flannigan, in reality I probably looked like Donkey from Shrek…. ),  and I figured it would be my last seriously long run before my Long Island half marathon next weekend…. If I feel half as good next weekend as I felt yesterday than I will be fine… 



I’m glad that I got my long run in yesterday because the rest of the week is going to be crappy, rainy and windy, GREAT (insert sarcasm)!  So to brighten my day, this morning I was nominated for the sunshine award by Cat from Cat’s Mewsings.  She is relatively new to the blog scene, like me, and has a kick a$$ blog so be sure to check it out….


10 Random Facts about ME!!!!

1. I lived in London for a year

2. I have 9 tattoos and a nose piercing

3. My closet is color coordinated

4. I’m obsessed with gum

5.  I love to travel

6.  My favorite color is pink

7. I could eat sushi everyday… I don’t.. but I could….

8.  I went to fashion school after I received my bachelors degree… It was way harder than I thought

9. I was raised by my grandparents

10. I was born in Tx, even though I have lived in NYS most of my life


Here are my nominees for the Sunshine Award

1. Glitter and Dust

2. Skinny Chic Blog

3. The Girl Who Ran Everywhere

4. Run Salt Run

5. Running from it All

If you accept, post 10 rando facts about yourself… brag it up, we love to learn new things about you!


17 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Sunshine When Skies are Gray

  1. I only went for a year… but I DID go to with Christian Siriano who won like the second season of project runway… and I mean we were like legit friends not like I just knew of him… (lol…. yeah that was totally a name drop).. Maybe one day I will have a running fashion line lol

  2. Holy crap you are amazing! What a great run! I love when everything goes perfectly like that. You are going to kill that race next weekend.

    Thank you so much for the lovely award! You made my day! 🙂 We have a couple things in common…I would eat sushi every day too, I also have a boat load of tattoos and a nose piercing. My closet is fairly color coordinated too!

    1. thank you… it felt great! I just hope my time next wk will reflect it….

      sushi is great because there are soooo many different kinds…. I love tatts, I;m itching for new ink and I LOVE LOVE my nose piercing… I got nervous bc I teach high school and I’m not trying to act like a high schooler I just think they are super cute! I color coordinate my closet so I can find things easier plus I just think it looks prettier..lol.

  3. I mean, why would you NOT color coordinate your closet? My roommate in college made me do mine as a Freshman, and now I have to have it in perfect order. Even on vacation, I coordinate it. It just makes sense.

      1. Totally brilliant. I mean, the color coordination saves me about 5 minutes every morning. That time adds up over almost 10 years. It makes picking out one of my ten black tank tops in the morning almost thoughtless.

  4. You are a girl after my own heart with your color coordinated closet and sushi obsession. Good luck next weekend. Given the crazy fast speed that you ran during your last long run, I have no doubt that your training has paid off. Thanks for the award. 🙂

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