What Up Wednesday!!!

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This week here’s what’s up in my world….

1. I typically hate racing pics of myself… but here is one from Cops and Joggers 5k…. This MAY be only the second picture every of myself running that I like (sad considering I have been running since I was 12).


2. No race this weekend, that I have planned… There IS a 5k that I have been teetering back and forth with, The Cherry Blossom 5k Race for ALS. I’m debating if I want to just take the weekend and chillax (perse) OR do this 5k…. Why can’t I not race?! I’ll keep you posted;)



3. Another thing that I have been debating about was joining in on the Alex and Ani bangles fad… I don’t like to invest money into things that either I’m not going to wear or that will be out of style quickly… For example, I held off buying skinny jeans for 6 months because I was worried that they looked too much like “mom jeans”.  I confess, I love them now and I was just being paranoid.  Anyways, everyone is rocking the bangles so I thought to myself, “Self, it’s time to jump aboard the Alex and Ani ship”! So the “easter Bunny” brought me the Champion- because it looks like a track foot and it matches my wings tat and It’s not a sprint- because I FINALLY signed up for a marathon….and guess what?! I love them!



4. After my run on Monday, my knees started to hurt which usually means one thing for me… time to get new kicks…. I’ve been eyeing Mizuno’s… What are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite type of Mizuno?

5. One last fun thing… download it, fill it out, post it Blogmopolitan…. it’s just a little fun to get through the day…. Happy Wednesday y’all! (I tried to make it pretty, it just wasn’t working out for me….)

The Blogmopolitan Quiz

Name: Tantra Jasmine Daley- O’Neil

Nickname: Tantra Fabulous/T-fab

The meaning behind my blog name is: I like to always look “pretty”.  I’m a teacher, so I feel like we always need look amazing (even when we don’t feel it) and when I have a fun running outfit, with cute hair and makeup at a race I just feel more confident…Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a cake face to the gym or anything but a little mascara and concealer never hurt anyone;).

I know it’s a little weird but: I sleep with several layers of clothes on in the winter-sweatshirt, long sleeved tee, tank, sweats, knee socks… and I’m STILL usually cold.

If you pulled up next to me at a stoplight, you’d see me belting out the lyrics to: Pink, Beyonce, or any old school hip hop song

My biggest guilty pleasure is:

a)    Reality TV

b)    Anything gummy

c)    Being attached to my iphone

d)   All the tortilla chips

e)    Other

You’ll never see me: Swimming.. unless it’s to save mine or my children’s life…it’s sad and embarrassing to watch.

One thing that always cheers me up is: Champagne 

I definitely don’t get enough: Sleep

The beauty product I can’t live without is:

a)    Red lipstick

b)    Cover up/concealer

c)    Mascara

d)   Black eyeliner

The quote I tend to live by is:“The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd.  The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.”

Three words I would use to describe my style: Trendy/ Fun/ Classic- Fun with a trendy classic twist

It’s really unattractive when a guy: has bad teeth, has poor hygiene, doesn’t take care of himself, and talks down to women.

I wish I could be more: Laid-Back-I’m so high strung

My favorite part of my body is:

a)    My legs

b)    My butt

c)     My boobs

d)     My arms- they are extremely toned and I haven’t lifted since college

The best advice I have ever given: Relationships take work, but if you are the only compromising, your relationship will become compromised.

My worst habit is: Compulsive gum chewing

When no one is around, I tend to: swear like a trucker

The superpower I’d like to possess in real life:

a)    Flying

b)    Invisibility

c)     Inhuman-like strength

d)     Teleportation-having the ability to be anywhere in the world at anytime would be amazing….

If I could buy one thing right it would be: A new car… we have a giant SUV and it’s just too big for me

I don’t: give up on my goals and dreams…. They may have to be put on the back burner for a few but I definitely don’t forget about them.










12 thoughts on “What Up Wednesday!!!

  1. I have an Alex and Ani bangle and love it. My MIL got it for me for Christmas and I can’t wait until I can add to my collection.

    I run in Mizuno Wave Riders. I currently have the 16s and love them. When they are all used up, I have been thinking about switching to the Hitagomis, but haven’t committed yet.

    1. I love my Alex and Ani’s as well… I just got nervous that it would be like the pandora epidemic ya know? I’m hoping I get one for mommy’s day (which I will bc I always purchase something for myself…lol).

      Thanks for the sneaker feedback….:)

  2. I don’t have any bangles. My wrists are super tiny in comparison to the rest of me and the only thing I wear on my wrist is my Fitbit.

    I run in Mizuno Wave Syonara. They are super light weight and very comfortable.

    1. I have extremely small wrists and that is what originally detoured me from these, however, you can squeeze them to make them smaller, they come in silver and gold and they are super cute… I put my watch closest to my hand to keep them up lol…

      I’m loving hearing everyone’s different opinions on the mizunos….. I’m def taking notes

  3. That is an awesome race picture! Haha I love the double Garmin shut off too. (I just got some race photos back from my 10K and was totally shutting off my Garmin in my finish line pic.) I felt the same way about high waisted pants as you did about skinny jeans because they really can look mom-ish, but now I have a couple pairs and love them. Those bangles are cool!

    As far as Mizuno is concerned…yeah I am not a fan. I switched from Brooks to Mizuno in Feb and promptly switched back to Brooks because I had a Waverider 17 fail. Other kinds might be okay, but from what I’ve read the redesign of the WR17 sucks in comparison to the 16.

    1. You know that is the first thing that I noticed! I was like how funny we are both stopping our Garmins… I should probably try to focus on finishing the race faster, lol.

      I get funny about trends bc I would hate to buy it and then never wear it… I kno I could return it, but I don’t have time for all that… and I always have at least one child with me so trying things on just don’t happen for me…lol. OOO I have a couple pr of high wasted trousers and I LOVE THEM!!!

      Really?! You aren’t a fan? What didn’t you like about them?

  4. You look like a total badass in that picture! I have precisely zero good race photos, I better get a decent one this year. And getting new shoes is totally my favorite but I’m always so scared of switching models/brands in case I randomly develop issues after running in them for 2 weeks. Hope you find your perfect pair!

    1. Thank you! I really like that photo! I actually think I’m going to frame it;) I always home that Michael is going to get a good shot and 99% of the time you can’t even tell its me! I appreciate the effort, but not really, lol. I’m so nervous to try something new but it’s def time!!!! Now to search for my “glass running slipper”…

    1. Same…. but these bangles allow you to adjust so they fit us tiny wristed peeps…
      I feel the same way without mascara… my eyelashes are flesh toned, so I look weird… I go through mascara like nuts!!!!!

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