Killer Quarters Never Get Easier


Yesterday, I joined my high school kids for a workout…. of course, I didn’t find out until I got to practice that we were going to do 400 (no turning back).  I did a half mile warm up, because I was a smidge late and they had already started. I stretched out and waited for my running buddy (they have me run with her to push her and she pushes me).  I got the work-out from Coach and then we started…. The first 100 was amazing, I felt like I was flying… and then the wind hit and continued until the 300  mark… by then finishing was just that… a finish… Goal pace was 75-85 sec. and we were dead on…. I use to to live for the 400, now I see why people hated it so much…. Anyways, we did two sets of 4×400 and ended each set with a 40 sec blast…   We stretched out again and finished with a 2 mile cool down…. That was my first track workout since January, and while it hurt like HELL… I’m soooo happy that I got through it. I’m grateful for my track buddy, my HS kids keep me young. I may not be as fast as I once was but days like yesterday make me realize that I STILL have a little fire burning inside of me.

This is the first weekend all month that I will not be racing.  Honestly, it makes me kind of sad. However, I need to rest my body for my half marathon and start getting ready for my full marathon.. Good luck to all my racing peeps this weekend!

What kind of track work outs do you do? Do you run them alone or do you have a running buddy?

What are you up to this weekend?


3 thoughts on “Killer Quarters Never Get Easier

  1. I wish I had easy access to a track. I actually haven’t run on one since I was in high school. I do all my speed stuff on a treadmill, which is not preferable, but it works.

    I haven’t decided if I’m racing this weekend or not. There is a 5K on Sunday that I was considering, but if I do it it would mean cutting my long run short tomorrow which would be okay…my foot is bothering me. But then my foot is bothering me so I don’t know if I should race on it. It will probably be a last minute decision.

  2. i have always wondered what speed work would be like with a team and/or buddy. i didn’t run at all in school and i’ve only done solo speedwork, either on a treadmill or on a local track. i’m sure that it would totally kick my butt and light the same fire 🙂

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