What was I thinking?


Yep, it’s finally setting in… This is the first weekend all month that I haven’t raced, which means I have plenty of time to think and over think…. What the hell was I thinking signing up fora Marathon a month away!!!!! At the time it felt soooo right. Now, I’m having a little buyers remorse:/ I’m aware a month is NOT a lot of time however, I have also not been sitting around on my bum either…. I’ve put in some awesome long runs, and I’m finally coming to terms with hills (a necessary evil). I just feel ready… Kind of. I typically don’t make rash decisions about races. I study them; the course, awards, weather, etc, and THAN make a decision. I’m very funny about spending money on races. Clothes? I don’t even blink, but spending money on a race I really have to be into it… That’s why I know there is something special about this race!

My goal with this race was to PR, which I truly believe I can do…. My second goal was to get my boys ready for fall training and what 26.2 miles really feels like… I keep jumping back and forth with feelings of excitement and worry…..part of me is saying “tantra, you got this!” The other part is saying, ” you are insane!”

So I conclude with this, yes I am insane but I really DO believe I got this! I can’t look back, just keep pushing forward to May 25th!

Have you ever made a rash decision about a race? How did it turn out?


13 thoughts on “What was I thinking?

  1. Yes – I’ve made plenty of rash race decesions…it’s usually turned out ok as long as I’m realistic about my current fitness level and manage my expectations/goals accordingly.

    I’m sure you’ll do fantastic since you have been maintaining your fitness level and getting some long runs in! If necessary – just treat it as training race for a fall PR race! πŸ™‚

  2. It’s great that you are feeling confident, yet a little nervous and uncertain at the same time. I always think confidence and nerves are a great recipe for success. When I get anxiety or nervous about an event, it tells me that it means something important to me and that I really care about my performance. I’ve never signed up for a marathon last minute, but I have been known to sign up for half-marathons after a few glasses of wine. πŸ™‚

  3. I’ve done this several times and it has always been worth it. Sometimes when you sign up for a race without all the overthinking it leaves room for your mind and heart to really talk. You go in with a different mindset, a mindset that sets aside so many of the expectations, nerves, and pressure. Sometimes this results in a PR if your fitness level is up and other times not even close, but you walk away from the race with a smiling heart and legs. You’ll be great! Any race is an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, our fitness, and evaluate our goals. Can’t wait to hear about your race!

    1. I LOVE this response!!!!! Such a great perspective on it… And you’re right, I wasn’t over analyzing and reanalyzing… I just out my info in and BAM! I ran 15 today and felt great, I’m dying now but that’s usually the case….

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