Motivation Monday and 15 miles for “fun”

Yesterday I set out for my LAST long run before my half marathon and my first LONG run of marathon training… I had no idea what to expect and my only goal was to make it at least 14 miles.  It was very windy with a bit of rain and pretty chilly and I was pretty certain that after the first mile, this was going to be a run from hell.I just felt so slow and I all I could think was that I still had AT LEAST 13 miles to go, FUDGE! 

I was about half way into my second mile when I actually felt good.  I was just cruising.  I was still cold but the run didn’t hurt! I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt!  It was just me and the open roads.

My cold, gray view

I wasn’t even expecting what was coming next… I came through 13 miles in 1:36:08! WHAT?! My half marathon PR to date is 1:35:56! I wasn’t racing, I felt great and the weather conditions were less than desirable and I almost hit my PR, not to mention I ran two more miles after that.  I totally needed a run like this.  My perfect motivation for Monday:)  It got my confidence level high for my race this coming weekend AND it made me realize that I DID make the right decision when I signed up for the Buffalo Marathon…. 

Just what I needed!

And here are a few fun motivational posters that I’m loving today!



Happy Monday! What motivates you?!



5 thoughts on “Motivation Monday and 15 miles for “fun”

  1. that’s so awesome!!! and just a few moments ago you were doubting signing up for the marathon. hopefully this has reassured you that you made the right decision and that you will DESTROY that race. not to mention killing your half PR in the process.

    way to be!

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