Setting Goals one race at a time…

Every year January 1st rolls around and people set their New Year’s resolutions.. gyms are annoyingly full, people quit smoking and start new diets, and people make pledges to be better people.  Me, personally, the minute I set a “resolution” I break it within the next 24 hours.  That’s why this year I just made a list of goals, things I wanted to accomplish by the end of 2014.


One of my goals was to start a blog, check. Another was to run 1 half marathon this year, check check…. My reason for starting a blog was partially to hold myself accountable for training and racing and partially to inspire and be inspired by others… In the past I would start training for a race that I would never sign up for and race day would come and I was not trained nor did I make it to the race.  I would feel like crap about myself, promise to sign up for another race and train and never do it… it was a vicious cycle that luckily came to a halt last year when I slowly started getting into the racing scene again.  I had wanted to start a blog for a long time because I also enjoy writing but I was just to chicken to do it… On March 17th, I woke up and thought, what do I have to lose? I’m starting a blog today…Starting this blog has helped to inspire me and forces me to keep going.   Everyday I’m looking up new races to add to my calendar and setting new goals…

Now here comes the tricky part… setting some running goals for May…

1. PR for the Long Island Half

2. Run at least 1 5K (I’m thinking Friehofers Run… but haven’t fully committed yet)

3. PR in the Buffalo Marathon (hoping for 4 hours or Less )



What are your goals for May?



26 thoughts on “Setting Goals one race at a time…

    1. casual awesomeness…I LOVE THAT! I know it’s pretty ballsy to put it out there like that but I feel like if I say it, I’ll work harder to do it ya know…. Basically finishing the marathon under 5 hours will be a PR…. but lets hope for faster…. one wk at a time.. lets focus on this half:)

  1. You are killing it 😀 and casual awesomeness is indeed fantastical. I might need to try that. I would love to be able to get back to consistent injury free running, but if this year has been anything to show, that may be a stone’s throw in the dark.

    1. “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” I feel like sometimes injuries just help us appreciate being able to run even more…You will be back to kicking a$$ and taking names soon….

      1. I totally agree, and that is the same perspective that I am going at all of this with. But still, it wears on you and makes you question (in both a good and bad way) everything you thought you knew about your body.

      2. I totally get it… it’s like sometimes you feel like your body is boycotting against you…. I remember my Sr year of college, I felt like I was injured all of the time and that’s when I started losing my passion for running and competing… I took a whole year off (with a few rando runs) just to reboot because I was so out of it mentally… looking back on it, it was heart breaking.

  2. I started blogging for the same reasons. It’s such a great running community here. 🙂 I’m signed up for a marathon this Fall so my big goal for May is to build up to running 30 miles a week and run 4-5 days a week.

    1. Great May goals…. What marathon are you doing in the fall? I love blogging! You are soooo right! It’s such a great little running community, which I need bc I live in the middle of no where!

      1. I’m running the Twin Cities Marathon in October. It seems far away, but after running several halves, I think early planning will be good for me.

      2. Agreed… I’m doing one in October as well and you’re right it does seem REALLY far away but it also gives me something to look forward to in the fall:) Sooo exciting good luck! Can’t wait to read all about your training!

  3. definitely! I really suck at new years resolutions too so I make a list of check lists/goals like “finishing another half marathon” instead of “run four times a week!” because there’s a good chance I won’t be able to fit all four runs and I’ll end up feeling crappy afterwards for not hitting the 4 runs vs having a flexible plan and finishing a half! 😀

  4. i totally believe that my #1 best training tool is my blog. it has connected me to so many inspiring people, held me accountable to what i want to accomplish, and taught me so much about running.

    i love all of your goals for may. you are going to kill it this next month, especially with that kind of laser focus!

  5. I totally think setting goals is better than making resolutions! You have some great goals and I am sure you will tackle them! My goal for May is to continue with my training plan, so I don’t die in June at my Race. HAHA!!!

    1. I love hot yoga…. I always leave feeling sooo rejuvenated! I always enjoy boot camp classes… I usually feel like I’m going to throw up half way through but when I finish I feel so accomplished!

  6. I’m a huge goal setter myself. I think it is important to always have little goals to get me motivated, a few big goals that are attainable in the near future, and a couple goals that may seem unrealistic at the moment, but are good to keep in the back of my mind. I like that you are setting monthly goals and are using your blog as a way to hold yourself accountable. Looks like you have some great goals for May! My goals for May are to survive my peak weeks of training before 70.3 Boise in June!

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