What Up Wednesday!



Happy Hump Day and here’s what up this Wednesday…It’s finally here! Long Island Marathon Weekend!  I’m super excited for many reasons… I LOVE LI and I FINALLY get to race (Not to mention I woke up to this email this morning… AAAHHHH!).

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THERE’S MY NUMBER!!!! In black and white!

First things first, PLANS: I love LI bc this is where Michael and I had our first apartment together.  We had sooo much fun living and working down there, literally just living the dream….the nice thing is not only do we still have friends there, but Michael’s family lives there as well.  We will be staying with Michael’s brother, Greg and SIL, Lisa in Queens.  I love staying with them! We always have a great time.  Friday, we will arrive late AND it’s Greg’s bday, so I’m sure Michael will be celebrating with his brother.  Saturday, Brady will run the kids race (if he wants to), I’ll grab my race packet, and then we will head out East to see Michael’s old boss and his family.  We haven’t seen them since before we had Brady, so it should be a nice relaxing afternoon of watching all of kids play together. Then Sunday, ITS GO TIME! I have an 8am start and I’m hoping to be done by 9:30 if all goes well.  After my run I’m also hoping to clock another 4-5 miles for my “long run” for my marathon training….

Always a HUGE concern for me…what am I going to wear?! I’ve been stalking the weather like a mental patient for the last week.  As of today it’s suppose to be 63 and partly cloudy….which is great because in the beginning of the week they were calling for rain… Let’s say a mini running prayer to the running gods and hope for no rain, little to no wind! I order a brand new pair of compression socks and a running skirt for the occasion.  I have been over-heating on my runs, so what will happen above the waste is my main concern…There is one down side to the forecast and they are saying the Sunday is going to be windy (Fudge!). I’m not sure what I hate more, wind or rain but they are both a huge pain in the you know what!

My goal this weekend is to PR… I would love to run 1:30 or better but anything under 1:35 would be nice.  After Sunday’s long run, I’m feeling pretty good about my race this weekend… This race is a lot bigger than the local races I have been running, but the bonus in that is that there will be more people along the way to push me.  Also,  this is the 30 year anniversary for the half, so I’m hoping for a FABULOUS medal to add to my collection… I’m all about the bling:)

I can do this

Are you racing this weekend? What races are you doing?

What up on your Wednesday!!!!


15 thoughts on “What Up Wednesday!

  1. I both hate and love the anticipation of a race–especially the decisions regarding outfits. Just like a normal day, but then x10000, what you wear can make or break you. What’s up on my Wednesday is a decent amount of work, but I forgot to write down what some of those things are down…sooooo….vacation? haha

    1. The outfit challenge is the worst for me… because I am a bit nutty and always want to look “pretty” yet not overheat… I’m going to have to come up with a new line lol…. I always forget to write stuff down, and when I do, i lose my list… eek… maybe I’m just getting old…

  2. Me too! I stress so much over what to wear! I’m obsessive about the weather forecast. I shower and lay out everything the night before an early race and then take other clothes in my bag just in case. I always under dress (on purpose) because I hate having to throw away clothes on the route the way others do. haha I love running in rain so that’s not my issue. Wind..hate it! I overheat if the weather is over 65. I don’t sweat enough so clothing/gear is a big deal. Good luck and enjoy!

    1. SAME! I have been stalking the forecast for as long as it would show me…I get sooo obsessive about it. And I HATE throwing clothes away… I’d rather freeze at the start that lose clothes along the way…. the only thing i’m willing to lose are gloves… ONLY gloves… Thank you… I’m hoping the wind doesn’t start until like the afternoon that way most of the half people and marathoners will be done….

  3. Good luck this weekend. That’s great that the race is in an area is a little nostalgic for you. I might be doing a 10K this weekend called the Salmon Run (very nature-ish, I know). It’s a trail run entirely along a river.

  4. GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND! You’re going to kill it and I can’t wait to hear all about it and see your cool bling. 🙂 No races for me this weekend. It’s 20 miler weekend. I would much rather be racing haha.

    1. I hear ya, if it makes you feel any better I have to add some miles on AFTER my race… why do I tortue myself?! and my 20 miler will be next wknd so I will be feeling your pain… I wish I could just race every wknd…lol… Thanks for the luck I’m going to need it…

  5. I was in search of a white skirt… I’m not sure why but I wasn’t willing to go with any other color for this race… It’s a skirts sports gym ultra skort that I found on sierra trading post… you wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find one in my size!!!! Where do you get your skirts!? I love skirts as well and I’m not sure I will be able to race in anything but ever again..lol. So let the skirt buying begin!

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