Chasing the 1:30 half

Let me begin by thanking everyone for some new music choices…. sometimes it’s hard to think outside of the box.  I have quite the eclectic playlist for Buffalo in three weeks… Thank you again!

Anyways, I’m just getting back to normal life after a weekend away and I’m just sitting down at my computer and checking back in….

Long Island Half

We arrived to Queens late on Friday night, which was fine because we put the kids to bed and had a few cocktails to relax… well MANY actually, but no judgement.  Saturday I planned to get up early and run, and while we did get up early, I somehow managed not to run.  I know, I know.. some people prefer to rest the day before a race but I like to get a 2-3 mile shake out jog in.  I’ve been a runner for a long time and that’s the way I have done it, I notice when I don’t run before a race my legs feel like lead during my race (foreshadowing? I think so).  Anyways, by the time we got ready, we decided just to head out to Long Island and get the race packet and then we would head out to visit some old friends after.  Packet pick up was EXTREMELY organized and the expo was great.  No complaints, what so ever! We didn’t spend much time there, because my darling children were over it but I was good with it because lets be honest, I just wanted my number and swag bag. We spent the afternoon with great friends, watching our kids play together, enjoying fabulous food…oh LONG Island, how do I love thee… Another thing I’m noticing is that I”m constantly craving sushi before a big race or long run… soooo weird!!!

Sunday was go time…. I had a hard time sleeping because this was the biggest even that I had attended in years… So I was up at 445am… got ready, ate a bit of breakfast, then headed out the door by 630am and arrived by 700am. First complaint, parking isn’t exactly close to the starting line and it’s not even remotely close to the finish line!  Not exactly ideal for spectators, especially one with two little kids… my second complaint, was the porta johns situation… listen, they are portable toliets, it’s not a good situation to begin with but a race that big, needs WAY more potty’s! I spent my warm up time standing in line, no bueno!  That’s it though, those are my only two complaints… the start was beautiful… fire works galore!  Truly awesome! The course is MOSTLY flat… there are a few hills but it’s a pretty nice course and there was a lot of support along the way.  I forget how magical the feel of big races is! the energy at the beginning of the race and throughout the course is invigorating….I MAY do more big races in the future.

long island after

It was cold and very windy and yes, my legs felt like lead as well as the rest of my body.  I threw my iphone to Michael by mile 2 because just FELT too heavy.  Sadly. I did NOT hit 1:30, I did hit a new one minute PR 1:34:50… However, I was 14th woman, out of 1780, so I guess I can’t be too disappointed.  I’m getting there! I guess I’ll just keep chasing 1:30… until next time…xoxo

Do you prefer big races or nice small town ones?

Does your body ever crave a specific food before a long run or big race?

How was your weekend?!


13 thoughts on “Chasing the 1:30 half

  1. That is an amazing time–and you will get that 1:30–you just need you legs to not feel like lead!
    I eat pretty specifically the day before and morning before my long runs and big races–it’s whatever after, but I don’t play before, and now I crave it in a big way–it’s part of the ritual. I posted on it 2 weeks ago, actually (because I had a race). I wish I would be eating it again soon, but who knows when I will have another long run!

  2. Congrats on the PR… one step closer to 1:30!
    I like small town races for short distances, but prefer bigger races for longer distances. I love the feel and the support of smaller races, but if it is for a long distance, I get bored and end up feeling like I am on a training run instead of a race.

  3. You are definitely going to hit that 1:30 soon. I just know it. Especially since everything wasn’t ideal this time around! Congrats on that new PR! So awesome!

    I like both kinds of races for different reasons. I’ve found at least around here the smaller ones tend to be a little better organized and the large ones turn into a giant cluster. That’s so funny about the sushi because I always crave it AFTER a race!

    Good luck with your 20 miler this weekend! I totally know that freak out mode from last week. 🙂 Don’t feat it! You’re going to kill it!

  4. That is an AWESOME PR! Congratulations on a strong and speedy run. Someday I hope to break 1:30 as well. Living in a smaller city, I tend to do a lot of runs that are capped around 500 people. However, I love the big race environment and knowing that there will always be people around me along the course. Some of the long trail races I’ve done get very lonely because people get spread out on single track and there aren’t many bystanders cheering.

    1. 1:30 is like a carrot dangling in front of my face lol…agreed, I didn’t realize how much I liked the crowd until sunday’s race… hopefully the same energy will help me through my marathon in a couple weeks…

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