A little more Liebster Love…

Thank you 26.2 x 2 for the nomination… I know it sounds weird but I LOVE answering these types of questions!

1. What is your preferred sport, and why do you love it so much?

The only thing I can do is run… I can’t catch, dribble, downhill ski, ice skate… also shop (not technically an Olympic sport, but I’m pretty good).  I love running because it’s my escape from reality.  Life can be stressful but when you are out on a run, it’s like everything pauses for a little while and you can get your sanity back;)

2. Tell me about your worst running/fitness related injury.

Well, this girl here is a ginormous clutz! I have two equally painful stories that involve pretty nasty sprains… In college we were running a really hard work out on the track and there was a metal liner on the inside of the track… well I managed to somehow  step on it and sprain my ankle really bad… I thought it was broken…AND when I was 35 wks pregnant for ella, I was running on the back path and managed to twist my ankle… I stepped off the trail for a second and it felt fine so I kept running… it remained sore for the rest of the day… later that night my dad and I went to the mall and as I was driving the pain was getting progressively worse…. as soon as we arrived I went to get out of the car and could no longer stand…we got home and mike brought me to the ER, it was horrible bc they couldn’t give me anything for the pain and they sent me home with crutches…yeah try using crutches at 8 months pregnant…it was all just sooooo bad!

3. What type of running/workout shoes do you wear? Would you ever try something else?

I’m currently running in Brooks Adrenalines and I’m racing in Asics… I love them both but I def need new ones for both and would love to try something new…

4. How long have you been pursuing a healthy lifestyle for?

I’m still pursing it lol… I’ve battled with being healthy since I was a kid… I think that’s why I run, so I don’t feel guilty about the not so healthy lifestyle that I live:(

5. Currently, what are your short term goals vs long term goals?

My current short term goal is to run a 1:30 or better half

My current long term goal is BQ

6. Favorite running/workout gear (not including sneakers)?

My garmin… I feel naked without it on a run… I’m OBSESSED with it…that and compression socks…

7. Finish this sentence: when I’m not running/working out, I’m…

Living in Mommywood… if I’m not running being a mom is my number one priority

8. What was the last great book you read?

I know it sounds horrible… but I haven’t read a book since the Twilight series… for the record that was pre-children…lol

9. What’s your favorite healthy food/meal?

Sushi… I could eat it everyday

10. And your favorite non-healthy food?

Fried Calamari… Bistro style…lol doesn’t that make it kind of healthy? There’s like veggies and stuff in there:)

My 10 questions:

Why do you run/workout?

What is your fav way to recover from a long run or workout?

Do you have any other hobbies besides staying fit?

If you could only choose one food to live on for the rest of your life what would it be?

Why is your “cryptonite”?

What is your fav brand (work out gear wise)?

If you could be any where right now, where would you be?

Who’s your running/workout inspiration?

How is your spring race calendar finishing?

If you could improve running/workout gear what is one thing you would change and why?

I know I’m technically suppose to tag 10 more blogs, but seeing this is the second time I’m putting my questions out there for everyone to answer…


6 thoughts on “A little more Liebster Love…

  1. Spring and I haven’t even gotten to run one race yet – grr! If I could live on one good forever, I would have to choose pizza. I don’t think I could go without it, even if it is a naughty food.
    Btw, running means you live a healthy lifestyle! Think about how many people DON’T do that!

  2. Can you shop while running? or Run while shopping? I think that counts. Is there a medal for grocery shopping? Love Brooks–try the Defyances if you want to go a little more neutral but with some arch support. I like your foods. Period. And I would never choose one single food to live on for the rest of my life. Not because I don’t aim to please, but because I can’t do those types of extremes. I can’t even choose between sweet and salt for crying out loud.

    1. i typically run while shopping lol… I have 2 kids under the age of 4….it’s typically a get in and out before meltdown mode occurs..lol.
      Ps. I’m def going to look into those brooks… thanks for the suggestion;)

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