What Up Wednesday!



Hey y’all… it’s Wednesday and here’s what’s up this week:

To race or not to race that is the question! My issue this weekend is that I have a lovely 20 miler to do on Sunday, yeah me (sarcasm)! However, the race I would do is only a 2 mile race and I feel it MAY be beneficial for my speed at the end of a half or full marathon.  They offer a 10k and a 2 mile…I ran it last year and I was first female overall! I love this race because they give out trophies.  Listen, I love my medal bling, BUT trophies aren’t too bad to look at either;).

As I stated earlier, I also have a 20 miler to try to get through on Sunday… I’m not going to lie I’m a bit scared.  I feel like 20 miles is sooo far and then you start thinking about it and you realize that 20 miles IS far, but if I can’t get through 20 I def won’t get through 26.2.  Any helpful hints on getting through 20 miles are welcomed!!!

Also on Sunday it’s Mother’s Day! Most mommies want jewelry and flowers, I want new running sneakers.  I’m pretty sure that is what I asked for for Mother’s Day last year as well.  I’m hoping to get my run in early, grab brunch with the kiddos (for some reason I really like brunch more than breakfast or lunch), and then spend some quality mommy time with them!

This is totally me;/

Also, I’m debating doing one last half before my marathon in redemption of last wknd…I have to do a 13 mile run next weekend anyways, so I figure I could run Saturday morning, rest Sunday and then taper the rest of the week!  I know this sounds a bit insane but I also only want to do it if the conditions are right… meaning NO WIND and avg temps… I know I know, too many rules but if I’m going to try to redeem myself I’m going to do it right…


7 thoughts on “What Up Wednesday!

  1. Trophies are amazing. Thus why we all keep our soccer trophies from the time we are 8 until we graduate from high school.
    I actually enjoyed my 20 miler. Something I would suggest is to run without music/etc for the first certain amount of miles–I’ve found that is a great way to break it up. Or listen to an audiobook for the first half and music for the second. But don’t let your head get in the way!

    1. can I ask, what do you put your music on? my issue is this… I run with my iphone. I bring it bc I mostly run from point a to point b and often inthe middle of my run I will change my mind and call michael to meet elsewhere or at a different time. Also, we live in the middle of no where but there is tons of traffic, I’m nervous some creeper is going to grap me or I’m going to get hit running on the road….but the iphone is VERY heavy after like 5 miles lol….

  2. i’m obsessed with listening to audiobooks while i do my long runs. it feels like a really great friend is telling you a really entertaining story for the entire run. and it’s not so loud that i can’t hear all the people/things around me.

    i also like to piece it up and run with a friend for part of the time. or find a new route. i tend to get impatient when i run the same route all the time. sometimes it works to just run your regular route in a different direction, it changes the scenery enough to keep your mind of all the miles 🙂

  3. I keep forgetting that this Sunday is Mother’s Day! (Mom Fail.) I would have asked for new shoes, but I just got a lot of those so I’ll have to think of something else.

    As far as the 20 miler is concerned my best advice is just try not to think about it too much. (Easier said than done haha.) You are going to be able to do it! Relaxing about the whole thing was key for me!

    And I will gladly run any race that hands out trophies!

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