Last 10 pics Thursday

Thank you Cheri from the Overactive Blogger for this fun idea .  She put the last 10 pics up that were on her iphone and discussed a bit.  I love this idea because it gives you a little insight into my crazy little world.  I apologize in advance, I’m a mommy paparazzi and OCD screen shooter lol.


I’m a quote junkie… I screen shot this quote because it is deep and true… I think often times we allow our imperfections to questions what our worth really is… this quote just justifies that I AM worth it!


I ordered these compression sleeves for my legs two weeks ago from Groupon… I was siked because they were only 17.99, the downfall was that I had to wait TWO WEEKS… I like instant gratification, not technically instant but def worth the wait AND the price.


I promised Brady if he was a good boy at daycare that I would bring him to “my work” and they could play on the playground.. this was the first time that they could both independently play without mommy’s help… this pic makes me want to smile and cry all at once, but I guess our children have that amazing ability!


I got home yesterday after a light 4 mile run and was stretching on the floor when my little princess came running up to me and sat in my lap and wanted to snuggle.  I LOVE my little mush… I’m cherishing these moments right now because there’s going to be a day when it’s just not going to happen:(


I was super excited the other day when I ordered sushi for lunch and got all of this for under 10 bucks!!!!! As you know I LOVE sushi and I order it frequently, but typically one specialty dinner roll is like 12… Thank you for lunch specials!!!!


After my half Sunday, they gave us a bag of goodies. Ella had no issue digging through it and coming up with the carrot cake muffin… She REFUSED to share it and made a HUGE mess but, she also had a HUGE smile when it was all gone.


On our way to Long Island Ella kept pulling her arms out of her car seat harness and trying to put her head on the side to lay down… Instead I put my hand under her face and she tried to force me to leave it there for the entire trip!! My little dollface looks like an angel but was a total terror on that way down.  Luckily her and Brady slept the whole way back:)


This is Brady’s “fort”… it’s actually just a living room table that I threw some pillows under and a blanket over.  He and his friend like to go in their and play their iPads… He thinks its the best thing ever…


Me and Ella “twinning”… Yep, I’m that mom! I dress Ella and I alike and in matching colors frequently…Gray sweater dresses and black tights. we are sooo cool, lol.  Listen, there is going ot be a day when she won’t wear what I want her to let alone dress like me, so I’m going to get it in as much as possible now….


This is my drink of the summer.. Sweet Tea Vodka with water and LOTS of ice… I’m looking forward to drinking this on my porch, summer evenings… IF summer ever gets here…. In the mean time, I drink it, on my couch, in sweats, wrapped in a blanket…

What are the last 10 pics on your phone?


10 thoughts on “Last 10 pics Thursday

  1. Your children are GORGEOUS! The last few pics on my phone are of my cat, of food, and of a ridiculous person that I saw on the street yesterday. Nothing too exciting at the moment.

  2. I love all the pictures of your kiddos! You seem like a pretty cool mom, if you ask me. I have never heard of sweet tea vodka but it definitely makes me think of summer and sounds delish. I am a margarita girl myself, but without all the sugars and sweetness. P.S. Love that quote.

    1. I try to be a “cool” mom, some days its an epic fail. I’m telling sweet tea vodka is the way to go… It’s def a spring summer drink only and I feel like there aren’t a lot of calories bc you are only mixing it with water and ice…

  3. OMG your kids are amazing! beyond amazing.

    mine are all of my baby. taken in rapid fire…i’m pretty sure he was playing with a jar and taking things out then putting them right back in 🙂 and it was adorable (to me).

    1. thank you.. they are the best… MOST days…lol Your little guy is adorbs!!!!

      Oh I get it… I take 75 pics of the same thing in order to get one or 2 “great” pics… I legit run out of room on my phone bc I take sooo many pics, then I either have to delete or upload them to my computer:( I’m just to lazy for all of that

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