“Be Strong…”

just enjoying the afternoon sun at the trackmeet:)-<3 this kid
just enjoying the afternoon sun at the trackmeet:)-

I was walking through the building Tuesday morning to meet up with a few teachers, when the head track coach stopped me in the hallway and asked when I was coming to practice again.  He said that I was “a very positive influence on the team” and that he would like me to come more often.  I, of course was honored that I could make that kind of impact on them but we both realized that practice time was dwindling down and there were really only meets left…I decided that because Tuesday was the last meet of the season at the school (there are still plenty left just not here), I would go cheer on some of my favorite school kiddos. I packed up my kiddos and headed back to the track that I have so many amazing (and not so amazing) memories at.I’m not going to lie, I love to watch  track events, it’s just a bonus that I know these amazing kids personally. Also,  I’ve mention many times that I am a pure track geek through and through and I have no doubt that Brady will be as well (which I’m not going to lie, makes my heart swell).  He actually requests to go to meets and he was sad when it was over….


This is where it all began
This is where it all began

My students and children inspire me everyday… They constantly ask me what my next race is going to be, and how many miles I ran last night or over the weekend.  My favorite thing about coming to work on Monday is getting to tell my students all about my weekend running adventures (and they are genuinely interested!).  I love to run and I love to race and my kids (all of them) make it THAT much better for caring and being my cheerleaders!  Those of us who work in the education field hope to inspire our students every day.  Some days it’s a challenge and others it just kind of happens naturally kind of like our runs…..and sweet Brady, the minute I put on my running sneakers he asks what race we are going to. He says “mommy, I like when you race.”  I hope I can continue to inspire ALL of my children…



What inspires you?

Who are your cheerleaders?



10 thoughts on ““Be Strong…”

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. My biggest cheerleaders are, and will forever be, my mom and my husband. I couldn’t get through life without them–even if I don’t always realize it at the time, they are always supporting me behind the scenes.

  2. This is such a beautiful post. 🙂 Like you, I am constantly inspired by my girl and I hope that as she grows up she will be inspired by what I’m doing. She already says “Mommy goes running!” and always seems to be having fun when she comes to one of my races. She’s my best cheerleader.

    1. You know know my favorite moment from any of my races was at my half over the weekend when I ran by and he said Hi mommy and then told everyone I was his mommy… I literally wanted to cry (but quickly pulled myself together of course..lol)

  3. oh man. you totally made me miss my students. i used to be a teacher and they were all so interested in my running! when i went to boston i always got the question, “are you going to win?” HA! love then so dearly.

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