My attempt to “breath and reboot”



I started watching SATC probably way before I should… but I always loved her quotes at the end of each show.  They always made so much sense to me and I felt like Carrie just “got it”.  I STILL watch it everyday, thank you E! for the repeats, and it STILL makes me smile.

Yesterday day I spoke about how I managed to finish an 18 mile run, however along the way anything that could have happened did and how disappointed with myself I was…What I forgot to do was praise myself for FINISHING 18 miles because that IS an accomplishment.  I forgot to remind myself that while many things went wrong on Sunday, I DID keep going, and I learned how to keep going regardless of all of the things that went wrong.  Dawn from Running:the Dawn said something that made me realize that Sunday was necessary in order to get better:

“here’s the thing. i believe that “bad” training runs are actually better than good ones. it lets you deal with the emotional side of running. for me, the race that i ran my bq, the biggest struggle was that all of my long runs had been perfect…i never had to deal with disappointment, fear, doubt, etc in training. so, when i started to panic after mile 20 i didn’t have the tools i needed to pull myself together. it was terrifying to feel myself fall apart.

now, i see terrible runs for what they are…an opportunity to explore what failure feels like, but to face it and push through. learning to not let those doubts and fears control me.

your next run will be better because this run made you better.”

I have said it before but I guess I didn’t realize it… bad runs are necessary.  They make you appreciate the good ones even more and they teach you a lot about yourself.  I took yesterday off to “breathe and reboot” and today I’m going to put my running kicks back on and go do what I was meant to do…thanks again Dawn.


What is the best running advice someone has given you recently?



15 thoughts on “My attempt to “breath and reboot”

  1. Love this advice! The beset advice I have gotten is simple: “You are stronger than you think.” When I am ready to stop and trying to talk myself out of giving up, I repeat this in my head. It has saved me from giving up so many times.

  2. Love this idea, and I totally agree. I ran my last twenty miler before my first marathon and it was perfect and fast and no issues, then on race day it all fell apart and I cried, I just hadn’t had enough bad runs to know that some days just suck and it may happen to you on race day.

  3. The best advice I’ve gotten recently was reading this post. Thank you so much for writing it. I just saved that quote aside so I can put it up on my bulletin board. My run on Saturday wasn’t especially long (only a 12), but it wasn’t great. My body is just so tired. I was able to get through it a little better than the terrible 15 miler I did last month because I did learn a lot from that run and it kept my wheels from falling off.

    I’m sorry your 18 didn’t go well (I’m about to go read that post now), but you know as well as I do that we sometimes just don’t have our days and don’t dwell on it. That run doesn’t define who you are. ❤

    1. I’m sooo glad that it helped…. I’m telling you my girl Carrie B. has some good advice…lol…. so sad SATC is over…

      And you are right! That one run does not define me! I have had too many good workouts, runs, races.. to let ONE run get me down…. Thanks doll!

      1. I AM SO SAD TOO. SATC was the best. Haha I probably learned more from that show than any other on television ever.

        I’m glad I could help in any way. 🙂 I can’t wait to watch you kick some marathon’s butt!

  4. Glad you recognized your accomplishment and changed your view of the situation. Although bad workouts “feel” really bad at the time, they are so important for building mental strength. The best advice I have received lately is that resting and taking it easy can actually improve and benefit fitness in the long run. I used to think that I had to do all of my runs as fast as I could… but learning to mix it up and run at base pace has been really helpful in making me stronger.

  5. hugs. hugs. and more hugs.

    you know at work today i was feeling pretty defeated. its amazing how i can learn a simple lesson from running one day and then forget to apply it the next day in “real” life. thanks for the reminder!

  6. I love SATC too! Probably the best advice I’ve gotten is “just put one foot in front of the other.” When I feel like I can’t go anymore, I just tell myself that and it seems to simplify everything and makes me feel like it isn’t that hard (even if it seems like it is!).

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