What Up Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day peeps! Here’s what up this wk…



1. PROM!!! I know you are going to laugh at me but this weekend I’m chaperoning prom and I’m sooo excited! I love getting dressed up! It rarely happens at this point in my life, so any chance I get to get “all fancy” for the evening I. WILL. TAKE! Plus, I love my students and I would do anything for them… so this is me doing anything for them. (and kind of being selfish).

2. I was debating doing another half this weekend-Delmar Half Marathon… it’s local and would be much more low key.  I’m suppose to run 13 miles this wk anyways, so I figure what’s .1 more? There is also a local 5k up the road that I am debating… I REALLY want one last race under my belt before going into this marathon next wk.  The other small issue is that it MAY rain… and while many days I will suck it up, prom morning I cannot.. there is just not enough time for hair and make up if I do that…lol. So, like most wknds I will continue to stalk the forecast.

3. My marathon is next week! Can. You. Believe? It’s Memorial Day weekend so you know that means I will be rocking some red, white, and blue for sure!  I can’t decide what I want to wear and with my over heating issue I have to be very careful of what I wear on top (most likely just a sports bra).  I was thinking about getting a sparkle skirt as well but I’m not sure… I just can’t commit. Any ideas? Suggestions? Something fun for the holiday?!

4.Fuel… ok… so also on my run I had packed jelly beans… however, the package was too big for my pockets, so I took some out and put them in my pockets.  When I went to refuel they were long gone! Where do you store your fuel?! I’m like a lost puppy here! Help?

Whats up on your Wednesday?!


16 thoughts on “What Up Wednesday!

  1. I usually use gels because they fit in my pockets and they stay pretty well. Sometimes I’ll just hold something too and then plan on eating it relatively early in the race so I don’t have to carry it the whole way.

  2. I love spi belts for storing things while I’m running, keys, fuel, etc. They’re like small fanny packs, but MUCH cooler, or so I tell myself. 🙂

    1. i HAVE seen them, and I am just pretending like they aren’t a fanny pack lol.. Its a “fun” belt;)… my question about that is are they annoying? do they move arround? do they feel heavy? can you tell me more about them?

      1. I really like mine, and was worried about it bouncing around when I bought it. I keep the pouch part on my backside and it doesn’t bounce at all. It also doesn’t feel heavy, after starting a run, I forget I have it on!

  3. I have a pair of shorts with a zipper pocket, which is great. But for longer runs, I use my hydration belt, which has two 8oz water bottles and a little pouch for phone, keys, fuel etc. No matter what you decide, have fun this weekend!

  4. For races I have a few different pairs of shorts that I like specifically because they are easy to store and retrieve my sports beans from (Race Ready is one brand of this type, and then I have some older Moving Comfort shorts that have good pockets on the side). You can also use a waist belt (Nathan has a good one). But yeah, it’s definitely annoying. But I plan my clothing around my candy 😀

  5. Chaperoning prom sounds SO fun! I’d love to get all dressed up again. Good luck in your upcoming marathon! xoKelby

    1. I am literally soooo excited for prom I can barely contain myself! lol… is that sad or what?! But seriouslu, I LOVE getting dressed up:)There will be lots of pics:)

      Thank you… I’m soooo nervous! I think to myself, self, why do you torture yourself? lol

      1. No, not sad! Getting dressed up is so so fun! And there’s rarely an opportunity to do so once you’re out of school! You’re going to do awesome in the race, I’m sure of it!

  6. i have an ifitness belt. it has elastic loops where i can put gels. it’s great because i can grab them on the run without moving the belt around or unzipping anything.

    do it! run the half! you’ll regret it if you don’t 🙂

  7. You could wear some sparkly ribbon in your hair for the marathon, or get some cute shoelaces? I always have the issue of where to put my food/keys/etc., especially in the summer time when I wear minimal clothing. At least in the winter my layers of gear have pockets somewhere. Sometimes I will tuck a GU or my key under my shoelaces and make sure they are snug. I have also been known to stuff a few items down my sports bra (which keeps the GU liquidy) but that has led to chaffing too. I really don’t like belts or things that wrap around my waist/hips. I have heard that running cuffs are good, but haven’t tried one before. Let me know if you find any solutions!

    1. I like how you think:)… I’m all about sparkles…. I’m actually going to hit up Michael’s craft store tonight to see what I can find…. I literally told my students that I sweat glittler, lol…. Their response was “yeah, we figured”… I LOVE THEM!

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