10 Things Thursday and feeding my addiction…


Ok let me begin with my 10 last pics on my phone…. I don’t know what I love doing this sooo much but count on this for a while at least…


Ella loved her new shirt (She is such a fashionista) and she is so use to me being a mommy paparazzi that every time I take my phone out she says cheese….


This was my post run fuel last night…lol.  No but seriously, I did re-hydrate with water then I chilled out with some champagne… I LOVE CHAMPS!


Over the weekend I dyed my hair back to it’s natural color…. I love being a blondie, it’s just too hard to maintain and I’d rather run races… So back to brunette it is.  My student drew this on my chalkboard…clearly they miss “blonde” hair has well:(


I took Monday and Tuesday off… I just wasn’t feeling it… Some days it’s just not there.  Yesterday it was beautiful and sunny so I decided to go for a 6 mile shake out run…. not too bad:) and it felt good… THANK GOD!


These are literally my FAVORITE chips ever…. Usually I get these out of the vending machine at school…. yesterday one of my students brought these in for me… A BIG BAG!!! It made my entire day!!! I guess they DO listen, lol.


At least once a week I make sure Ella and I are twinning…. I don’t go overboard (most of the time), but look how cute we are in our navy and turquoise outfits!


Ella LOVES selfies… I find them depressing because it only points out my flaws even more… just enjoying a little cuddle time….


On a rare occassion Brady will say “mommy, take a picture”… I of course jump right on it… Yes he is pulling Ella around the living room in a wagon… he is becoming such a good big brother.


This is tentatively my dress for prom… I will be wearing a cardi/bolero of sorts to cover my shoulders and sports bra tan lines… I borrowed it from my friend who wore it for a wedding! I love the color and I LOVE that it has pockets… every dress should have pockets, just sayin!


Yes, another pic of Ella, sorry.  I couldn’t resist taking a pic of her in this fabulous Ralph Lauren romper.  I love rompers (for adults as well as children)! She looked sooo cute waiting for me to get ready for work I couldn’t resist.  Brady also look super cute in his RL polo but he would NOT participate in the photo opt.. he’s not really a morning person…lol.

half fanatic

One last thing… clearly I have an addiction to racing… I didn’t race last wknd and I was literally sooo depressed all weekend….So yesterday I did it, I pulled the trigger and signed up for the local half marathon.  I’m suppose to do a 13 mile run on Sunday anyways, so instead, i’m going to race 13.1 miles on Saturday.  Yes, I could have done the 5k, but I really like the longer distance and like I said I needed a long run anyways…  After the marathon I will be pulling back on the mileage for a while and just doing some local 5k’s and stuff.

What’s up for your weekend..?


21 thoughts on “10 Things Thursday and feeding my addiction…

  1. I do the same thing with my hair, I go blonde but get annoyed after a year or so of maintenance and go dark again and the cycle repeats when I start to miss how bright and fun it looks. Currently I’m somewhere in the middle after getting subtle highlights and hoping it holds me over 😉

  2. I have the same plan for after mine is done. I’m so glad you got that good shake out run in and that you are feeling more positive!

    I love all the pics. Your kids are so cute and your hair looks great dark! (Though your students are hilarious with that chalkboard art.) Love the dress for prom too. I agree that more dresses should have pockets. 🙂

    1. I’m hoping that my half this weekend will help my confidence as well.. HOWEVER, it’s looking like rain on saturday morning and THAT does not make me happy esp when I promised to meet my students at 3 for pics… I think I overbook myself on purpose..lol.

      Thank you… Brady and Ella are truly awesome… they def keep me on my toes, thats for sure…lol. I’m getting use to my hair… It’s just SOOOO different ya know!?

      My students are awesome.. I get weekly pics on my board! I love it! I literally look forward to the murals…lol

      1. lol.. I try to play the card that MOST races are early… so I can, in theory, have it all…lol. I like to think we are super heros and can legit have everything… sometimes that thinking backfires… example.. jamming a half marathon and prom into the same day….. CRAP!

  3. Gah, I wish I could do a 13 miler. Right now. Damn injuries. I’m so over it. But hopefully, slowly slowly, I’ll get back up there. Please tell me that you are going to wear compression to prom! And YES to dresses with pockets. One you go pocket….I don’t know what would satisfactorily complete this but go with it.

  4. Blonde is soo hard and expensive to maintain! But I’m just not ready to give it up! 🙂 I’m supposed to run 13 miles this weekend for my training as well, so I signed up for a half marathon too just to make it more fun! Good luck racing! 🙂

  5. there are no flaws. trust me!

    i have some wicked sports-bra tan lines going on too. no more cute tops for me this summer….

    your babies are too adorable!! love it!

    1. Thank you so much… the feed back has been good, it’s so different then before…. I know I’m going to cave and throw some highlights in there are some point..lol…

      ps… Ella always has the best outfits… I feel bad bc brady has less clothes and more toys and ella has no toys and TONS of clothes…lol…

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