13.1 Miles to Prom….

Saturday was a VERY long day for me… FABULOUS… but long…. Let me begin with my race…

Delmar Half Marathon…

When I decided to do this race, I literally went into it with no expectations. It was a last minute add to my race roster and I didn’t want to put pressure on myself to run any specific time I just wanted to enjoy the run.  I’m a competitor by nature so I’m not going out there and jogging or anything, but I didn’t want to stress myself out prepping for the race… In other words, this was NOT a new outfit race, HOWEVER, it was a new compression sock race;).


I met up with an old HS track friend. Nikki, that I still keep in contact via FB and IG.  She lives in the Albany area and told me about this run weeks ago… I wasn’t sure I was going to be up for it but she informed me she signed up for it… as the race approached I said I might as well… not to mention it’s been forever since I ran a race with a friend. Unfortunately, Michael had to work.  That meant I was on my own.  My dad came over and watched Brady and Ella and I left my house at 730. Delmar is about an hour away so I wanted to leave enough time to park and warm up.  I got there early, as I typically do because I’m a psycho, picked up my race packet and waited for Nikki to get there.  Let me add, for their first year, the race was very well organized and the they gave away awesome shirts and trophies (bonus)…. It was weird and kind of sad not to have anyone there, however, it was kind of nice to just be able to focus on my race, which typically never happens because I’m helping Michael with the kids or Ella wants me to hold her.  So it was nice to have “Tantra Time” and just be able to chill.

The race went off at exactly 10am, and it was as promised pretty flat.  It was a nice race through mostly residential area and there was a great amount of support.  The only thing I didn’t love was that it was a two lap course, not a huge fan, but it did allow me to pace myself well.  Also, I had misplaced my new garmin, which made me think that one of my lovely children may have thrown it out, so I ran with my old garmin and it was less than precise! I’m not going to lie it through me for a little loop when it read that I had done 13.27 yet still had a half a mile to go:/.  I ended up 18th over, 3 female overall, 1st in my age group with yet again ANOTHER PR… 1:33:40 (STILL not 1:30).


My favorite part was getting home and walking through the front door with my trophy and having Brady be soooo excited that his mommy won a trophy.  He was SO proud of me, it literally brings tears to my eyes thinking back on it… I’m cherishing that moment now because one day he will think I am the enemy…


Once I got home, I had very little time to pull myself together for prom… Somehow I managed to get there on time. The kids looked sooooo amazing! I love prom… I wish we had one for adults;)  I got home at 2am and Ella woke up at 6am (as predicted).  I am one tired mommy today, but the weekend was worth it… Happy Monday y’all!



22 thoughts on “13.1 Miles to Prom….

  1. Great job! I love that you PR in races that you go into with no expectations…overachiever 😉 So cute about your little boy too! Side note: let’s get going on organizing an adult prom. I saw a bunch of kids at dinner all dressed up and was secretly super jealous of their killer dresses and that I have no proms to go to myself.

  2. a trophy!?!?!? that is so exciting! and i love that your little man was proud of his mommy. what an awesome day! nice job on the PR and your 1st/3rd place. incredible!

    1. I know! trophy’s are AWESOME….Brady kept asking to hold it… he is currently my #1 FAN! Thank you! I’m pretty happy considering I had no expectations… I guess maybe I should go into more races like that:/

    1. It WAS nice not to have to get up at like 4am…but bc it is a longer race typically I would prefer to run earlier just bc as the day goes on it gets warmer… but it was like a perfect weather day! I’ve also noticed that the races I don’t get all worked up for a do better in… maybe I should try that more often….

  3. Sweet!! Congratulations and that is a SWEET time! I love going into a race with zero expectations and have it work out really well. (I also love how you described it as not being a new outfit race haha.)

    You looked so great for prom! I wish they had prom for adults too. I looked like such crap in my high school prom pics. I want a do-over. 🙂

    1. You are so right…. I’m giving myself some time before my next half… I just have to put in the time… I’m thinking about getting a coach. I know you use one, what areyour thoughts?

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