What Up Wednesday!


Happy Wednesday! Here’s What Up in my life this week!

1. Holy Shizzzz! Marathon Weekend is HERE!!! I’m not going to lie I’m kind of in freak out mode…. because look what arrived in my inbox last night:… Yeah, this is about to go down! I am typically 90% packed at this point, today I am 0% packed:( Because it is memorial weekend my outfit plan is red, white, and blue.  I got fun ribbons for my hair and the red, white, and blue marathon socks from PROcompression. Now I have to figure out what I will wear above my knees:/

Displaying photo 1.PNG

2. Memorial Day Weekend! Wahoo… (even though it’s suppose to rain all weekend)… I love Memorial Day  Weekend… It marks the kick off to summer! Even though I will be gone for Saturday and half of Sunday, I really look forward to Monday… I come from a VERY small town in upstate NY, and every memorial day since I was a little girl I have either been in or watched our local Memorial Day Parade.  It’s soooo small but I love going… it has such a small town feel and it reminds me why I LOVE this area so much.  Since Brady was little, my friend Dotty and I have made it a tradition to bring the boys (her son is 5 wks younger then Brady).  We always park at my dads then walk down to our friends parent’s house (because it’s right on Main Street) and hang out and watch….


our little gang…LOVE
One of my FAV pics from last year….

Afterwards. we typically go visit family and have BBQ’s.  As of right now, my goal is to just enjoy my rest day and spend time with my kids (that is, IF I’m still able to walk).

3.And of course this is my weekly mural:



Notice… I still have blonde hair! It makes me miss my old hair even more… Maybe, I’ll get highlights… or maybe I’ll just go blonde again… ugh!

What are your plans for Memorial Day?

Do you have any Memorial Day traditions?

What up for your Wednesday?!


10 thoughts on “What Up Wednesday!

  1. No plans for Memorial Day and we don’t usually do much more than a family BBQ. We always did things for July 4th but no parades or any special events in my town for Memorial Day 😦 Good luck with the marathon! I think my favorite thing to do during race week is pick out my outfit and make tiny tweaks to it all week long 😉

  2. Before anything else, good luck for your run this weekend! I will always love Memorial Day, for what it stands for (remembering those who have served), as the start of summer and pool season, as the weekend that my family and I always went to this water skiing tournament and would be burnt to a crisp by the time we got home, and more recently, as my wedding anniversary (on Memorial Day proper this year). This weekend will be the start of my husband’s week of vacation and his first weekend off nights, plus we have friends coming in Saturday night, so I expect it to be full of fun. Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. good luck, good luck, good luck!!!

    my plans for the weekend include stalking you to see how you do at your race 🙂 cause that’s all that i really care about

    1. OMG, I love this! You are such a doll! My race starts at 7am… let’s hope that I’m done by 12:/ I will post a little something Sunday on my way home as I will have a 3.5 hour ride home to “recover”….

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