Last 10 Pics Thursday!



I can’t believe it’s Thursday… I love Thursday’s because I love sharing my latest pics with you guys…

1.  Nicole @ The Girl Who Ran Everywhere posted about the importance of girlfriends…. I made this little collage of me and my bestie Ashley and sent it to her this morning thanking her for being such an amazing person in my life.  Ashley and I have been through high school, track, graduations, college, break ups, break downs, weddings, birth of my children (and one day hers), baptisms, many hair styles and colors (good and bad), and oh sooooo much more… LOVES this chic!

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2.This is me and Ella this morning… we like selfies….Luckily we are both morning people;)

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3 & 4.I’m going to a black tie event with my friend Dorothy tomorrow night and here are a two of the hair styles I am contemplating… Thank god for pintrest! I’m also borrowing one of my friends daughters friends prom dress (I’m praying that it fits).  I can’t wait to get dressed up.  It’s like mom prom but not…lol (and yes I really want to plan one of those).

Displaying photo.JPGDisplaying photo 3.JPG

5. Ashley sent me this pic last night… She wants to get her hair done like this.  Because Ashley and I are hair twins frequently I also MAY hijack it.  The good thing is it will look completely different on each of us… but I am obsessed!

Displaying photo 2.PNG

6. I seen this on someone’s FB page and felt inspired.  Pre-marriage & pre-kids I had a 6 pack.  My goal is to get it back this summer… Displaying photo 2.PNG

7. This is my other picture that I liked from the marathon. I’m not sure why I like it so much, but there is something about it that makes me smile.  I wish I could count on Michael to be a good race paparazzi, but he usually only gets pics of me running away from him.. like back shots… smh.

Displaying photo 1.PNG

8. After my marathon I seen this on my friends FB wall and instantly thought, I.LOVE.THAT!  This is sooooo true!

9.  Soon after I ran on Sunday, I scanned the bar-code on my bib to see what place I got.. It said 131, however I received an email telling me I was 172.  Either way was fine I was just confused so I emailed the people in charge of the timing stuff and this was the response I got…

Displaying photo 2.PNG

Michael made fun of me because I couldn’t figure out what place I got so I screen shot this email and text him! I was ecstatic!!!!!

10. One of my favorite local ice cream places is called Wemple and Edicks (we went after the parade on Monday).  They have homemade icec ream and the BEST halfmoon cookies and chocolate jumbos.  When I was little I would go with my grandmother and sit on the porch swing and eat (bubblegum ice cream).  They no longer have the swing but I love bringing Brady and Ella there. Brady hijacked Mikes milk shake and Ella and I shared cotton candy ice cream…. 

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How is your Thursday? Has this week flown by for you like it has for me?


6 thoughts on “Last 10 Pics Thursday!

  1. This week is definitely flying for me, and it’s feeling a little crazy because I go on vacation next week and have a lot to get done before then! What kind of black tie event are you going to? I’m going to one next month and I just ordered a dress (fingers crossed that it looks great on) but still have to figure out my hair.

  2. I love the Thursday 10! 🙂 This week has flown for me too, but having the extra day off on Monday has definitely thrown me for a loop. I’ve thought it was Wednesday all day long. Oops.

    Oh and I LOVE #8. LOVE. IT. So much that I had to save it for myself too. Don’t f#^@ with us. 🙂

  3. i’m so mad! for some reason, none of the pictures are showing up on my browser! i’m dying to know what place you got 🙂

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