Summer 2014 Bucket List


Thank you Courtney @ Running for Cupcakes for the idea.  I’m very lucky that my profession allows me to spend the summer with my children and because I do get summers off it’s important to me that I pack my summers with as much quality fun time as possible.  While this bucket list does incorporate SOME running stuff, it’s mostly full of family time fun:)

 1. Bring the kids to Montauk and Coney Island.

2. Run the Fire Cracker 4 (I say i’m going to do it every year… but this is the year for reals)
3. Bring the kids to The Bronx Zoo and/or The Central Park Zoo

4. Purchase a cookbook and teach myself how to cook well (I would love to take cooking classes but they don’t offer them around here… that I know of)

5. Do at least one craft project with the kids per week (this may be the death of me, but I think it will be fun… maybe)

6. Take the kids to an aquarium-Either the one in Brooklyn OR maybe the one in Mystic

7. Go hiking (there are a bunch of trails here, I think it would be a fun day activity) 

8. Bring the kids to a waterpark… we have a few in Lake George

9. Run at least one half marathon 

10. Make smores while watching fireworks

What’s on your summer bucketlist?


17 thoughts on “Summer 2014 Bucket List

    1. First of all, I love making lists… I make them all of the time… there is something theraputic about checking things off it…lol. Yes I am OCD.

      Second, Bucketlists make me happy because they have milestones…I can’t wait to look back on all the fabulous pics from the summer… But for now…. I’ll just enjoy the summer;)

  1. I’m totally going to crash your smores party. a great cookbook with a lot of variety that isn’t a hard to follow is the clean eating one (from the magazine). Cooking light is another great way to start because the recipes are often more streamlined.

    1. oooh yes please do! I’m gonig to be honest, I’m not very good at making smores:( no judgement…. Thank you for the cook book/mag tips… I literally have no idea where to start but I DID look up local cooking classes to sign up for this summer… I WILL be a cooking machine by the end of the summer or burn down my house trying…lol

  2. Can I also crash your fireworks and s’mores party? S’mores are my FAVORITE.
    I’ve been trying to come up with some fun weekend things I can do with B and these are some seriously great ideas! We love the zoo and the Aquarium, but I’m hoping to take her to the zoo in DC this summer (we went last summer but she was still so little and I’m sure doesn’t remember any of it). I wish we had more places to hike around here! What a beautiful view!

    And I have this dream of going to Coney Island. One day. 🙂

    1. YES PLEASE! The more the merrier and I may be an expert smore maker by the end of the summer… maybe a make your own smore bar with lots of fun extras like sprinkles and chocolate chips. I swear sometimes I come up with the best ideas…lol. Yeah we don’t have a lot of things around us, but I don’t mind road trips with the kids. I’m all about showing my children as much as possible. I love the DC zoo!
      I’ve only hiked once and it was in red rock canyon in vegas and it was amazing… I’m hoping to get into it this summer… just for something to do on my “day offs”

      ps… put Coney Island on the Bucket List and regardless of your take on hot dogs you have to have a Nathans hot dog there…

    1. That hike sounds AMAZING!!!!!!!!! You know, I just want my kids to see and experience as much as possible… I’m very hands on and that was my plan from the beginning… I can’t wait until they are a little older so we can travel further…

  3. I have some fun hikes that I’ve been meaning to do every Summer but haven’t done them yet. They are on this Summer’s to-do list. Good luck with cooking! I second the Cooking Light and Clean Eating suggestions. Those are great recipe sources!

  4. oh my goodness! i’m pretty sure you are going to kill yourself this summer. that sounds like a lot! do you guys always stay that busy?

    literally the only thing on my list for the summer is to get my little dude into the infant survival swimming classes. living in florida, he’s got to know what to do if he falls into a pool somewhere.

    oh…and we should take him to the beach eventually. we’re terrible parents. we live in florida, he’s 15 months old, and we’ve never taken him to the ocean. seriously, terrible people.

    1. You know… I get anxious not doing stuff… I’m constantly on the go! The nice thing about going to the city is I could potentially check two or three things off at once;)

      You are too funny! He’s still young… You will have plenty of ocean days;) we however are VERY limited on ocean days lol… And the infant survival class is EXTREMELY smart and important☀️

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