10 Day You Challenge- 9 LOVES



1. Brady & Ella

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They are my reason for being… I love them to the moon and back! They make me laugh and cry in the same breath and have taught me soooo much about life.

2. Michael



I’ve known Michael for 17 years… while we may not be the perfect couple, I will always love him.  Our relationship has taught me a lot about myself. I don’t know what will happen in the future but I’m glad that the past happened.

3. My Unconventional Family

mendotty meamyjamaicamejesszanel

As stated in a previous post, I was raised by my grandparents, aunts and uncles… I was raised as an only child so my friends became my sisters.  I don’t speak to these chic’s EVERY day but they love me no matter what… my life would def not be the same without them!

4. Running

I love running… I can do it alone or with friends… It doesn’t judge me and it’s always there for me at the end of the day. Without it, I think I would go insane.  I’ve been competing since I was 7th grade and I can honestly say that I love it more now that ever….


5. The color pink… I think this says it all;)

i love pink

6. Traveling

I love traveling! I love trying new foods, meeting new people, learning about the culture… It’s amazes me how different we are yet the same. I can’t wait to show Brady and Ella the world.  I want them to try new things, meet new people, and never be afraid to take risks… the world is their playground!

7. NYC- I can’t brag it up enough though I don’t think that I have to!  I love that I can sit in Central Park and listen to musicians play or find a place on the hill and just relax.  I love the way tourist stand in amazement and awww in Time Square.  I love L&B’s pizza in Brooklyn (it’s legit the best).  I love the night life, the day life, the culture, the shopping and everything it has to offer….


8. Shopping

Shopping is my other de-stress-er….I obvi love clothes shopping, but I enjoy most shopping.. except home depot and car stuff…

9. Party Planning and Crafting

I love to plan a party and make everything for it…. from the crafts to the decor to the food and drinks… Gimme a theme and I will rock it… I swear… I’m planning a mom prom for all of us… if only I could decide on the location;)

What are some of your loves?


10 thoughts on “10 Day You Challenge- 9 LOVES

  1. I was raised as an only child too and feel the same way about friends! (I have half brothers, but they weren’t born until I was much older so I never had to live with a sibling.) I love all your pics and I think if we lived nearer we would have a blast hanging out. Running + shopping = my favorite things. 🙂

    1. I feel the same! I was trying to describe my blog life to one of my friends… and she was like would you really consider these people your friends… and I was like honestly, yes… the best thing is that we have a common interest and that’s running… that’s something that I only have in common with one of my friends the rest of them think I’m insane! So of course we bond over our passion and everything else is just bonus!!! I have a feeling we will def hang out one day… we will be at the same race for sure….Plus our little girls could play together, lol.

      ps. I have half siblings as well. We just weren’t raised together.

  2. I WILL TRADE YOU FOR THE EAST COAST. I miss it terribly. I respect your right to be insane, though, haha. ANd unconventional families are the best. Friends and pets are the only chances we have in life to pick our families!

  3. i love my son and my hubby!

    lately i’ve had a full on love affair with advil. seriously. i haven’t had a day without it in over a week. i think that’s love 🙂

  4. I am an only child too and have never known that sibling love. I consider my friends family and would do anything for them. My husband is the best thing in my world – love him more than anything. I also love traveling, running, cycling, shopping, dressing up all fancy-like, and camping out in the middle of nowhere.

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