10 Day YOU Challenge- 8 Fears & I miss racing!

Why did my three mile run yesterday feel sooo much harder than my 6 mile run the day before?! My 6 mile run felt effortless and smooth.  My 3 mile run felt like I was running like Quasimodo:( Sunday’s run left me feeling confident and ready for this next cycle of marathon training, while Monday’s run left me feeling like I wanted to crawl into a hole.  I’m taking today off and continuing with my ab challenge (which is way harder than I thought it was going to be, holy moly). I also miss racing… so I think I’m going to sign up for a local 5k this weekend.. just for fun… just to get rid of my racing bug…


1. Ella’s teen years… YIKES! Is it bad I fear Ella’s teen years over Brady’s?! Teenage girls are SCARY!

2.Dying young and missing watching my children grow up.

3. Not being able to run…

4. Drowning.. I’m a terrible swimmer. I have been swimming since I was little and I just can’t seem to get stronger.  I will typically go in the water about up to my knees… I’m fine in pools…

5. Losing my teeth.  You know that dream where you wake up and look in the mirror and you are a toothless wonder? Yeah I fear that happening on a regular basis. I’m such a crazy about teeth and that would be my hell!

6. Failure… I was always a bit of a overachiever… and I have kind of become stagnant in life recently.  My recent marathon kind of gave me a wake up call and was like, “Tantra, of course you BQ’d! You can do a helluva lot more if you start setting more goals instead of sitting around waiting for life to happen.” I realized that I have to start setting more goals for myself and being more of a doer!

7. Being poor.  I’m not asking to be a millionaire (though that would be nice)… I just want to comfortable.  The idea of not being able to feed my children or supply them with their needs is my driving force to keep going.  I always had everything I wanted growing up.  I can only hope that my children have the same luxury.

8. The world ending… I know that sounds nuts but they make all of these movies that show the world ending and it makes me paranoid.  I have actually avoided watching those movies as much as possible and I hope it turns out more like the movie Armageddon, lol.  I’m such a worry wart.


2 thoughts on “10 Day YOU Challenge- 8 Fears & I miss racing!

  1. I’ve got some 5Ks coming up just to fill in the gaps too. Racing is so addictive! (Though I guess if we have to be addicted to something, it’s a much better choice than some alternatives.)

    Oh my goodness I am petrified of Teenaged Betty. I was a complete hot mess when I was a teenager and I can only imagine that it will be total payback time!

  2. i’m terrified of leaving my family without me. my husband (who is a bit of a worrier) sometimes talks about not being able to go on without me…which is sweet…but terrifying. i’m so afraid that he would get depressed and not be able to move on…

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