10 Day YOU Challenge-3 Films


I’m kind of funny about movies… I pretty much stick to comedies, romances, and romantic comedies…lol.  Scary movies give me nightmares like I’m a baby (literally cannot sleep). Action movies make me anxious (think end of the world stuff). So I stick to my light heart-ed movies that make me laugh.

The Heat.. These two chics are soooo funny together. I literally watched it over and over when we first bought it (yes we still buy movies). I still find new things in it to laugh at.   I watched it sooo much that even Ella was obsessed with it.  I know not exactly children’s TV but she has prevailed and grown into a smart little princess. No damage.

The Notebook– I.LOVE. THIS. MOVIE.  I first seen it when I was in college in the movie theatre and I remember afterward there was a lady sobbing in the bathroom.  It’s such a great love story and Ryan Gossling is gorgeous. I will admit I don’t watch the ending any more… I legit turn it off when they zoom out on them laying in bed together… we ALL know what happens after that. 

Hot-tub Time Machine-Listen this movie is not winning any awards but it is funny shiz. I think I love it because it has a lot of 80s references and I am in fact a child of the 80s… PLUS it’s hysterical. This is another movie that I watch over and over.. mindless, senseless comedy… 

Tell me, what are some movies that you could watch over and over? Do you have a favorite genre?


10 thoughts on “10 Day YOU Challenge-3 Films

  1. Out of those movies, I’ve only seen The Notebook–but I saw it twice in the theater. I don’t like watching movies more than once because I don’t like seeing the sad parts over again!

  2. ok, i haven’t seen the heat yet, but now i’m totally going to! thanks for the tip.

    i don’t watch movies over and over again as much as i do tv. right now i’m doing my summer tradition of enjoying all 10 seasons of friends since everything else is in re-runs. i could watch friends over and over again!

  3. Movies I could watch over and over Remember the Titans, 7 Pounds, Pursuit of Happiness, any of the MIB movies, and Blindside. I could keep going I’m a total movie junkie haha 🙂

    1. I LOVE movies too… but I like watching them at home vs the movie theatre… I don’t know why because I LOVE movie theatre popcorn… I just like the privacy of my own home and being able to pause and rewind when needed….

  4. I actually haven’t seen any of these movies! Yes, I know I’m the only female alive who hasn’t seen The Notebook and I need to- I’ve read it, though. 🙂

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