10 Day YOU Challenge-2 Songs, Saturday’s Race Recap, & Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! It’s pretty dreary in my neck of the woods, but we had a fabulously warm weekend so I won’t complain about today…

Lexington Race Recap

Saturday morning I woke up and decided to do the race… (nothing like waiting until the last minute).  I got there early because I’m a nerd and like to be the first one there,registered, picked up my packed and got my number… than it became the waiting game.  I debating doing this race because I’m still kind of recovering from the marathon, in addition, I’m not exactly in 5k shape either.  I figured it would be either really good or really bad….As I started warming up I felt extremely flat and drained but I knew I could get through it.

I ran into a few people I knew, which is always nice because typically I don’t know anyone.  It was very low key, like an on your mark, get set,  go-type of race. It was also out and back race (which I typically avoid), and they didn’t stop traffic (which turns out to be annoying at mile 2).  So the first half of the race was a slight decline, with a small loop then back to the main road where the race began…. the first half felt great, smooth…. then I as I was looping back around I got cut off by a car twice! It should have fueled me to do better, but it through me off…. I finally caught back up to this girl Jenn, but I was starting to feel sooo tired… Then a third girl came flying by us… I had nothing left….. so I looked at Jenn and told her to go get her…. I finished in 21:34. 6th person overall, 3rd girl overall, 1st in my age group.  Not horrible but a little disappointing.

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Last but not least…10 Day Challenge-2 Songs


This is sooo hard… how does one only pick two songs?! Honestly, I don’t even know.  There are songs that have a certain significance to specific time periods…

This Yea’s Love- David Gray

This was our wedding song. We had a different sing picked out for a long time and when I heard this song, I knew that it was THE ONE.


Rosa Parks-Outkast

This is old school.  Literally, we use to rock out to this when I was a junoir in HIGH SCHOOL! I still love it.   It’s one of my favorite songs to run to, it has a great beat and nice bass.

If you only could choose two songs what would they be?

How as your weekend?!


14 thoughts on “10 Day YOU Challenge-2 Songs, Saturday’s Race Recap, & Happy Monday!

  1. I knew you’d run a decent race annnnnd there’s no way I can pick just two songs so I’m not going to try hahaha. That’s just wrong lol 🙂

      1. Yep! But if you were twist my arm for two I’d have to go with 2Pac “Keep Ya Head Up” for old school and more recent Amber Carrington’s redention of “Skyfall” from The Voice

  2. That’s a great time! You’re probably still feeling that marathon a bit. I have found myself getting tired out so much more easily on my recent runs. Congrats on the AG win though!! Haha I feel like I’m always deciding to run things at the last minute.

    I haven’t listened to Outkast in FOREVER!

    1. You know, I would have been ok with the time had I gotten first …lol.. I’m such a brat. But I agree, I’ve been soooo shot during my runs lately… damn marathon!

      I love old school outkast..lol….as soon as it comes on I instantly smile

  3. Oh and it’s completely impossible for me to pick two songs off the top of my head. I’m going to have to get back to you on this later today. 🙂

  4. Dude you still kicked it! Right now 2 songs that come to mind are “Ready Set Roll” –I’ve been on a country kick for the past few days — and also “Brave” by Sara Barrelles.

  5. I haven’t heard Outkast’s Rosa Parks in sooooo long! I used to love this song so much.

    My two songs would definitely be Gangsta’s Paradise (Coolio) and Diane Young (Vampire Weekend). I could run to them both on repeat for hours and be a happy camper.

    1. Thank you.. I know I sound like a brat when I say it but I know I could have run faster had I not run a marathon 2 wks ago… I knew I was running at my own risk…ugh… sooo frustrating…

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