10 Day YOU Challenge-A Pic of YOU



Here it is! The final day of the challenge and all that is left is ONE picture of me…. just like choosing only two songs, I find it hard to choose just ONE picture of me…I think there are many aspects to me and I had a hard time choosing just ONE…The picture I chose isn’t the BEST picture of me but I have very few pics of me and BOTH of my kids… they are truly the BEST part of me.  They make me laugh when I want to cry. They have smiles that light up a room. They make me want to be a better person… I am the person I am today because of these two little crazies….. thus a pic of me….

Displaying photo.JPG

If you chose a pic of YOU.. would it be just you? or would you have other people in it?

4 thoughts on “10 Day YOU Challenge-A Pic of YOU

  1. I have a few pics that are of just me, that I love because they were taken by other people and capture me in a unadulterated manner. But I think that my favorite pictures of myself involve some one/thing else, and capture a relationship, or them bring out the “me” in me.

  2. A pic of me would definitely also include my Betty. She is the reason behind everything I do, every day. My life definitely changed for the better once she was in it! 🙂

  3. it would definitely have my husband and my baby in it. i hate pictures of just me 🙂 they are too boring!

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