What Up Wednesday!

Here’s another installment of What Up Wednesday…



Happy Hump Day! Here’s what up on my Wednesday….

1. This is my last Wednesday with my students… the next two weeks is regents/testing. Yep, I’m not going to lie, I have been en emotional wreck all week.  When I returned to school this year (after being out for a year), I wasn’t sure I was going to like being in the high school… but I not only LOVED being in high school, but I adore all of my students.  I genuinely LOVED coming to work every day. It finally hit me this morning when one of my students brought me their prom picture… water just started squirting out of my eyes…. this will be the last few days with my seniors… I’m going to be a mess at graduation.

2.  Along with my emotional wreck of a week, I just haven’t been in the mood to run.  I haven’t run since Saturday! I know, I know… maybe if I ran I wouldn’t be such an emotional train wreck! I just can’t pull myself off the couch to do it.  IF it stops raining this afternoon I’m going to give it a go.  I LOVE running and it DOES make me happy… I’m just sad that one of the other things that makes me happy, my job, is coming to an end (for a few months anyways).


3. It’s Father’s Day Weekend… I heard on the radio that we spend 4.7 BILLION less on fathers than mothers…eek! What are you doing for the special men/man in your life? Are you doing anything fun to celebrate?

Displaying photo.JPG
My dad would kill me if he knew I posted this…lol.

That’s my dad, not biological but the one who raised me.  He is amazing to our little family and my children are obsessed with him (I’m positive that the feeling is mutual). We always try to doing something for him that involves the kids for fathers day… because lets be honest, that is really who he wants to see on Father’s Day..lol.

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Michael is not only a great dad but he is a great person.  Everybody LOVES him … He such a good hearted person and would do anything for anyone, so when days like this come around you really want to do something special yet he makes it so hard to do anything for him because he never wants anything… HOW CAN YOU NOT WANT ANYTHING!? So yeah, as of right now I go NOTHING, lol.

4.  Weekend Races-there are actually a couple of different ones that I have been looking at.  On Saturday there is The Lions Ramble– It’s an afternoon run and you can choose between a 2 mile run or a 10k.  I’m so not fast enough for the 2 mile but that is what I secretly want to do;( and then on Sunday there is the 5 miler called the Mule Haul.  It’s super local, like 5 minutes away, but I have heard through the grapevine that it is becoming very crowded… I don’t mind crowded but when it comes to local races I appreciate the laid back atmosphere, ya know?

What up on your Wednesday?



10 thoughts on “What Up Wednesday!

  1. i used to teach high school and i was always surprised with how attached i would get to my students. the seniors are the worst…because they are the easiest to manage, which means that you can spend your time actually getting to know them. which inevitably leads to loving them…and then they abandon you after graduation. so sad!!!!

    hope that the races this weekend help to get you out of the sadness.

    1. I really had no intention of getting attached lol… but I love them! I’m sooo excited for them to start the next phases of their lives but at the time so sad that they are leaving me! UGH! I have some of their pics on my wall and I every time I look at them I get so upset…. talk about occupational hazzard lol….

      I hope that it doesn’t rain all weekend, I’d like to do at LEAST one of the races;(

  2. I’ve taught seniors since I began teaching (in 1997!) and I can’t imagine teaching any other grade. I have gone to former students’ weddings, met their children, mentored them throughout undergrad and grad school … it’s a very special grade to teach. 🙂 they’re *almost* adults … but really not!

  3. I wish you luck on whichever run you hope to do this weekend! I wish I could celebrate Father’s Day with my dad this weekend, but he’s coming to visit before long and I will make up for it then!

  4. I think we all go through those running slumps from time to time. It took everything in my power to drag myself out the door yesterday!

    I’m still trying to think of what to get my dad for Father’s Day…he’s the same way. Whenever I ask him what he wants it’s just “I don’t need anything” so I have to get creative. I better get on that because I’m running out of time!

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