10 Last Pic Thursday… except on Friday;(

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!! Not that I’m super happy because it’s the LAST day with my Seniors (yes I have already cried twice)

I had some dental work done yesterday, so I was out of commission…So of course I HAVE to post my traditional last pic

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This was Miss Ella Bean this morning… She always sits here and looks out the window…. LOVE this girl!

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My friend Lola posted it on her FB page… I fell in love with it instantly.

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The ice cream  truck came through the other day and Brady go his first snow cone! He fell in love it immediately and stalks the ice cream truck on a regular basis.

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My little Ella Bean is a cuddle bug/Selfie Queen in the AM… she will literally grab my iphone go to the camera app and start saying “cheese”…

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The humidity drives curly hair wild… Brady runs around all afternoon and his head gets hot… Humidity+Heat+Curly Hair=mini blonde fro…lol

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This has been her “thing” lately….doubly binkie-ing… I don’t get it… even when she has one, she insists on having another one in hand at all times… sooo bizarre!

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I’m obsessed with rompers…I think they are soooo cute on adults AND little ones… I couldn’t resist:)

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WHEN it’s nice… I try to get the kids outside as much as possible. We had a beautiful day on Sunday so we brought the kids for a little walk.

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After my race last Saturday, Michael and I went out for lunch and cocktails at the Recovery Room.. Along with Pulled Pork Nachos (soooo good).

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I think this says it all… I LOVE fashion and I like to be different and stand out… not in a crazy way but in a FABULOUS way!

It’s FINALLY the weekend what are you up to this weekend?!



8 thoughts on “10 Last Pic Thursday… except on Friday;(

  1. Such adorable kiddos! I really need some of these pulled pork nachos. Looking forward to this weekend…world cup! And my first spin class in 2 years, I’ve missed it 🙂

    1. Thank you… I think they are pretty cute too but I’m bias..lol.

      You definitely have to have them… I literally crave them all week and then we will hit up The Recovery Room for them and cocktails… I’m already plotting out how I’m going to obtain them this weekend…lol.

      Omg, I miss spin sooo much.. I may need to add that into my training this summer!

  2. I always love your pictures. We had an ice cream truck come through our neighborhood the other day and my husband was the only one to run out there to get something. I thought it was hilarious because he’s a grown man and we don’t have kids. 😉 Haha. We have a garage sale this weekend-my first one ever. Can’t wait!

    1. I typically try to get the kids in the house… he comes through on a daily basis if it’s not raining… I was too slow and my sister in law was all over it… lol. She seen it from down the street and was like ‘OMG, is that an ice cream truck”… that was the end of that!

      Good luck on your garage sale! I have never had one either! Every year my friends and I say we are going to do it and so far all I have is a bunch of stuff to sell and it keeps growing…lol

  3. I was wondering where your pictures were! I finally did a blog post yesterday and linked you to it, since I got the idea for you! Love the pictures this week as always! no more crying!!!

    1. Usually when I know I won’t be available to post I will write up a draft and edit as needed, but I didn’t realize I was going to be sooo out of it yesterday… I love looking back on my last 10 pics of the week, they are always sooo random…..

      thanks for the link up… that was sooo nice of you!

  4. Your kids are tooooo adorable. And I know how you feel with it being the last day–they don’t realize it yet, but they will be missing you, too.
    Pulled pork nachos are one of the greatest things in life.

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