Finally a first place victory! (Mule Haul recap)

After a three mile run on Saturday evening, I decided that I would do the Mule Haul on Sunday.  It is a 5 mile race, slower than a 5k, and it was 5 minutes from my house.   I stalked the race results from last year and seen the woman’s winner ran 31 minutes so I knew I wouldn’t be winning but I figured I would def place in my age group… and that was fine with me.

I arrived at 8AM and registered and then warmed up a bit. I felt good and I ran into quite a few people I knew (the bonus of a local race), so I felt comfortable for the most part.  The race went off at 9AM and I took off with the front pack.  It was just me and a bunch of guys.  I was getting nervous. I was thinking, “Maybe I went out too fast, what if I die?!” Around 1.5 miles this young ran right by me.  All I could think was “Here we go again…”  I just kept her in sight and kept on trucking…. I kept my head down because part of the race was on grass and I didn’t want to turn an ankle and just kept pushing forward.  As we approached mile 3 I realized I was making ground and catching her… so I kept surging forward. Just past the 3 mile marker, I finally caught her and surged ahead, and then she surged back.  I looked over at her and said “go get those guys”…. she kind of giggled but didn’t surge.  I decided to take a risk and go… and so I did… and just kept going.  The last 400m you come out back onto the road where all the spectators are and all I could think was “Shit! I’m going to be the first girl!” I kicked it in and right before the finish line I seen Ella and Michael standing and waiting… it’s soooo hard not to get emotional, however, instead.. I just looked over, smiled and waved….and finished the last 10m to my victory.

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I know it’s hard to tell bc I look like a total spaz, but this is me finishing… I’m waving and smiling to Mike and Ella… so not “pretty’



I really needed a race like this to build my confidence back up.  I think to myself, should I be proud that I beat a 14 year old… and then I realize yes I should.  I’m 31, a mother of two, and I work full time and you know what….I’m still out there doing it…and sometimes I even win;)

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18 thoughts on “Finally a first place victory! (Mule Haul recap)

  1. Oh my goodness! I’m so proud! You really did a fantastic job! 🙂 I’ve never gotten a first place victory, but I’ve gotten a second place, and the feeling you get afterwards is incredible. Way to push through and keep going!

  2. Sweeet!!! I LOVE IT!!! Congrats winner!!! And I think it’s our job as 30-somethings to beat the younger runners hahaha lol 😉 annnd you race results stalker but I’m not gonna judge since I do the same thing to kinda get a feel for the types of runners I’ll be up against

    1. oh I’m totally a results stalker… It’s part of my mental prep… I like to know elevation levels, hilly or flat and past results…. I want to know that I can at least place in my age group…lol

  3. Ugh none of your pictures show up on my computers for some reason! But YAY this is fantastic!
    AND DAMN STRAIGHT you should be proud! WINNING IS WINNING. And 14 year olds are crazy fast.

  4. You just keep getting stronger and faster. Way to go, girl!!! I like that you and the other woman were conversing a little and playing tag before you kicked it into gear and crushed it. Such an awesome feeling!

    Your pictures aren’t showing up on my computer either. 😦

    1. Thank you… You know, I have had a pretty great season… I get down on myself sometimes, but I have to remember I’m not an elite runner and I dont’ get paid to run… so what I am doing is pretty great…. why are we always our own worst critics?

  5. YAY!!!! that’s so exciting! i can’t believe that you won! well, i mean, i totally believe it…but it’s still super super exciting! what a huge accomplishment 🙂

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