What Up Wednesday!



Happy Hump Day! It’s another long week for me… no students + state testing= LONG days

None the less, the show must go on and the good news is we are half way through the week and here’s what up this week…

1. B.A.A. announced the 2015 Boston Marathon registration dates!!!!! This is music to my ears! It’s finally here! Well kind of… at least I know when I get to register… I literally got choked up reading this! I won’t be able to register until September 10th because I only qualified by 12 minutes but the fact that I even qualified and can run in 2015 is AWESOME!!!!




2. Originally on my race list is the Adirondack 10 miler… My friend and I were suppose to do it together and now she has decided against it.  Typically that does not defer me but because it is over an hour away.. IF I do choose to do it, it will be another day before decision.  Unfortunately, there just aren’t many races this weekend so if I don’t do that race I won’t get to race at all… which is fine because I could use a nice distance run.

3. The next marathon that I’m doing is in the fall, I know many of you have started training already, I’m just “maintaining” right now.  I’m debating on getting a coach because I’d like to not only PR but actually race the whole thing… Have any of you had a coach? How did you go about finding them?

4. One and half weeks left of school… and then it’s me, Brady, and Ella time for the next 2 months..Wahoo!



Who else will be running Boston 2015?

What up on your Wednesday?


9 thoughts on “What Up Wednesday!

  1. Ohhhhh Boston just became more of a reality. Nothing exciting down here for Wednesday. Schools are already out down here. I will say I’m working on a bit of a funny post about running in the Florida heat. Have an awesome day chica!

  2. I’ve never had a coach, but I’m part of a running club in my area and the runners have soooo much experience that they could be coaches. They’ve helped me with everything from form issues, to breathing right, to pushing me the extra distance. Do you have a runner’s club in your area?

    1. I think we have a local one, I will have to look into it… I know for sure there are a few in Albany but it’s just too far for me to travel ya know? My best-friend just joined one and she loves it… I’m sooo jealous! Thanks for the tip, I’m going to see what I can find

  3. Happy Wednesday to YOU! I am just in maintenance mode right now as well (actually right now I am in resting mode because I’ve got some knee pain that needs to go away right now). I’m also looking in to getting a coach. I’ve heard some people mention that you can maybe get recommendations through local running stores or clubs?

    1. I looked into a local running club that I MAY join just to have people do do some of my long runs with AND I’m still debating on the coaching thing… I really want to be competitive in October and I think this may be the only way….ps by competitive I don’t mean win I just mean PR…lol

  4. i’ve never had a coach, but i’m thinking of joining a group that had a coach that does speed sessions once a week. i feel like it’s time for me to get some outside views on my running and being a part of a community will really help me.

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