Last 10 Pic Thursday!



Here are the latest 10 pics on my iphone..



One of my summer goals was to learn how to cook… whose better to learn from than Martha?! While I may live in NY I’m a southern girl (Texas born) by heart…. I LOVE fried chicken!


I seen this on FB and loved it… I’m sure you will see it again on my blog (spoiler


This is Ella and I before school this morning… I’ve become a slave to the sock bun… the humidity kills my hair, there is no point in even attempting to straighten it… and Ella loves a selfie before 7 am….


I seen this on Pinterest lastnight… I have a few graduation parties to go to this summer and I love this idea… Maybe I’d fill it will skittles to avoid the chocolate melting in the hot sun… but I think it’s super cute!


Ella also thinks it’s funny to take her shoes off and throw them out the window.. disclaimer: I do not drive with her window down.  We were actually in a parking lot. No pedestrians were hurt during this photo shoot.


I.LOVE.THIS… that’s all I have to say about it.


This was my run from Tuesday! Holy Hannah it was hot and humid… my legs felt like they weighed 100lbs… has anyone else felt like this… I could barely muster up the energy to finish TWO… yes I said two.. miles yesterday….

Displaying photo 3.PNG

This was the article from the Mule Haul the other day… I’m not going to lie… I’m kind of P.O.’d that they put a pic of the male first place finisher in the paper but not a pic of me…I know you are probably rolling your eyes, but first place doesn’t happen often in my life… I was hoping for a pic.  If you zoom in really close to the top pic you can sorta see me…. grrrr.

orange tiwns

Another pic of Ella and I twinning, as well as me rocking the sock bun (shocking)… I’m telling you we dress alike at least once a week and yes, I love every damn minute of it…


Brady is FINALLY becoming more interested in pics…. as long as his power ranger friends can photo bomb… grrrr


How is your Thursday? Is this not the longest week every?!

Are any of you having trouble running… like you feel like you are dying even though you have NO injuries?


12 thoughts on “Last 10 Pic Thursday!

  1. Poo!! I wish I could see your pics, for some reason I can never view them. That’s jacked up that your picture didn’t get posted in the paper too 😦 and I have Pinterest too, LeeRunsDistance is my username

    1. That is soooo annoying that you can’t see my pics… grrrr… let me see if I can figure it out…
      I’m glad you see my pov about the pic… I mean it’s not big deal I was just looking forward to seeing it in the paper ya know?

  2. I also have a hard time seeing your pics. I can see some of them on safari on my iPhone. Your kiddos are super cute! Luckily we don’t have humidity where I love, and we recently had some cooler weather. The running has been great!

    1. ugh… I’m thinking it has something to do with me copying and pasting some of them instead of uploading them like a good girl… I fixed MOST of them… thank you for letting me know…

      I’m hoping that my body will just adapt bc I heard that we are going to have a crazy hot summer… I’m so jealous of your running weather right now

  3. Yay the pictures worked for me! finally! I love the one of you and your daughter with that cheese-eating grin 😀 And I love the present Idea. My only wonder would be if the candy would get dirty from the money? OOOOH best idea ever–use smarties (in the wrapper) because they are that indeed! WINNING

    1. Oooh I love the smarties idea!!! I try to come up with unique ideas besides just putting money in a card ya know… I mean not me personally but pinterest hooks me up a lot…lol. I love all the pics ella and I take… I know there will be a day she with think I am her arch enemy so for now I embrace the moments where she thinks I’m her super hero

  4. i ran three this morning and hated every step of it. summer can’t end soon enough. oh wait…i live in florida…it’s like this always. grrrr.

    i have been LIVING in a bun too! i have too much hair to actually put a sock or anything else in it. it’s just ridiculous. i think i need a hair cut. or summer to end. sometimes i wish i was like elsa from frozen……that sounds amazing.

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