A Woman’s Right to Wear Stripes (horizontal no less)

DISCLAIMER: Sorry guys, this may not be of interest to you:(

Yesterday I wore this super cute navy and red dress, with a fun brown belt… I had gotten an array of compliments from students and colleagues so I was feeling pretty amazing… I was even rocking the Carrie Bradshaw strut… This was until I was walking through the cafeteria and one of the lunch ladies said, “You are the only woman I know that can wear horizontal stripes.” I smiled and at the same time the janitor said, “well of course, look how tiny she is.”… at this point I was still winning…. that was until… the lunch lady came back with, “I know, I just want to feed her.”  WHAT?!


I smiled and walked away but as it kept playing over and over in my head I got more and more angry.  Why are women so catty?! Why not celebrate the fact that I can wear horizontal stripes?! Instead you give someone a back handed compliment.  My issue is this, I have battled many eating issues in my life and I am FINALLY at a great spot where I no longer feel that food is the enemy, but how do they know that? They don’t know that them saying that could have set off a trigger in my head.  I come from a VERY thin family AND a work out on a regular basis… sometimes I wish people would think about what they are saying before they say it.  Am I really “soooo lucky” that I am able to wear horizontal stripes? Am I so lucky that after a long day at work and mommywood I muster up the energy for a run? Am I so lucky that on Sunday’s in January, I would load up on layers and head out for a 15 mile run in 15 degree weather? Am I so lucky that I “can eat whatever I want”? I’ve earned the right to wear horizontal stripes and you know what? I’m going to do it proudly…

Where your horizontal stripes proud!




26 thoughts on “A Woman’s Right to Wear Stripes (horizontal no less)

  1. I hear you on the so lucky part! I posted about this a while back because I CANNOT stand when people say “You’re so lucky to be thin.” There really is no luck involved. It is called hard work, making healthy food choices most of the time, and leading a healthy, active lifestyle. Last summer when I couldn’t run due to injury I felt depressed and chose the couch and candy to cope over doing active activities I could do, I gained like six pounds in six weeks-proof that there is no luck involved. Luckily (pun intended), my mind came to its senses and eventually told me to suck it up and get back to the active lifestyle I love by finding activities I COULD do. That’s when I fell in love with biking. You are so right-wear your horizontal stripes with pride. You’ve earned them! If only I was the type of person that spoke my mind aloud. I’d love to respond to the “you’re so lucky” comment just once.

    1. I KNOW!!!! I guess that’s why people think I’m a ditz… because I smile instead of saying what I really think… I can speak my mind I’m just not into hurting people’s feelings…..HATERS… HATE ON!

  2. It’s a confidence thing–many women would rather be mean to someone else than deal with their own issues. That’s why I try so hard to remember that everyone has their own struggles and no one has 100% body confidence, and try not to be judgmental, even inside my head (which is HARD sometimes!).

    You do you, sweetie, and don’t let someone’s ignorant, off-hand remark get to you. You should be proud of what you do and no matter what size you are, you get to wear whatever you want and eff the haters!

    1. That’s the thing… I often think things in my head and just keep them to my self… I have a sensor button… I wish more people would think before they speak… it was a nice comment until she said she just wanted to feed me… I felt like saying, um I just ate a half of sub, a bag of chips and two cookies… I’ve learned to kill people with kindness…. One of my favorite sayings is “don’t mistake my kindness for weakness..” Her meaness just fueled me for my next run… This comment would have killed the old me, this comment instead just fueled the new me…. you are right… eff the haters

  3. So glad you can embrace where you are with yourself! And I often wonder to why women at times can be catty when there is no reason to be. Some folks really don’t think before speaking. Keep rocking those horizontal’s sista!

  4. Hahahahaha I was about to say the exact same first word as Carson–PREACH. Horizontal stripes done wrong are god awful, but so are white t-shirts and black dresses. So trust me, if you can mess that up, you can mess up horizontal stripes. But the right use of stripes and particularly color within the pattern can make for some of the most flattering optical illusions (if necessary). I am incredibly rectangular, shape-wise–broad shoulders, even hips, not much nip at the waist to speak of. And I’m not tall, and am long-torsoed. But If I can wear horiz stripes, anyone can!

  5. I hate it when women are catty to each other! I think you look amazing in your dress, and deserve to feel confident about how all your hard work has paid off! Luck usually has very little to do with it!

    A couple of years ago I started working out again and dropped the 30 lbs I gained being a coach potato after my divorce. I regained a lot of my confidence and my mojo, not just because I felt better about how I looked but because I also FELT better because of my healthy life style. I assumed people would be happy for me, and MOST people were, but I get the occasional catty comment like “you need to eat a burger” and they make me so angry. It’s unnecessary and mean, and feels like someone is trying to burst my bubble. And a double standard because it would NOT BE Ok for me to tell someone who is overweight that they should eat a salad or go for a jog.

    I think you hit the nail on the head with this post…haters are going to hate. I’m glad that you are able to rise above it. Keep being beautiful and fabulous….rocking whatever you want to wear!

    1. Thank you! And you are right! Would she say to the overweight girl rocking horizontal stripes, you shouldn’t wear those…..you look like….. No! So why hate on fit people or people trying to live a healthy life style and make changes?! People can be sooo rude!

  6. People at work get catty like that for me too! I eat healthy and workout, don’t put me down for that! I too have had eating issues in the past and hearing them talk make me nervous. You never know what someone else is battling- it is best to focus on the positive! I just try and ignore it, but it can be tough! U rock your horizontal stripes!!!

  7. i feel the same way…but for different reasons…i still get people who think that i look pregnant. sorry that i had a bad c-section followed by a back injury and surgery. oh, and i run marathons, and workout on the regular….but thank you for pointing out that my belly isn’t flat. that helps.


  8. Oh my gosh I love this post SOO much and it is so true!! Nobody knows what you have been through except for you!! At least you were able to use your little corner of the internet to get your frustrations out.
    You look great in the dress!!:)

  9. I have a VERY similar outfit in blue and white stripes. You look adorable and I have heard the exact same kind of comments from people. It’s never okay to comment on someone else’s weight when they are heavier, so why is it okay to say things like that to slim people? I will never, ever understand it.

    Either way, you did earn it and you look freaking fabulous. One day when we hang out, we can wear our horizontal stripes together!

    1. awww love this… thank you….
      you are right though, you aren’t allowed to comment on someone if they are heavier but it’s ok to make me feel insecure about my fitness…. not only did I earn those stripes I will now be wearing more horizontal stripes in the future. She only empowered me….

      I can’t wait for us and our girlies to hang out…

  10. UGH I HATE THAT! I don’t consider myself skinny, but I do think I’m in good shape. I absolutely hate when people call me skinny and say something about it being because I’m young and have a fast metabolism. FALSE! I look the way I look because I work out 5-6 days/week and watch what I eat (for the most part 😉 )! If I didn’t work out and ate whatever I want, I guarantee I’d be a lot bigger. And I think anyone, of any size, should feel like they could wear horizontal stripes! People need to stop being judgy judgersons! Good for you for being the bigger person and just walking away- but YES wear those stripes proudly 🙂

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