A Little Reminder of My Awesomeness…

The last month has been weird for me… My mind wanted to run and was planning all of these races that I wanted to do and then my body was basically like, “yeah, that’s not going to happen”.   I wanted to run so bad that I threw my poor body into runs that it wasn’t quite prepared for and in addition to that when I was done I was feeling nothing less than terrible… I was mad that my runs felt like crap and that my body wouldn’t work the way that I wanted it to and that my mind was ready to get out there and run my next marathon…I’ve been a runner my entire adult life and have never felt this before… Runner’s Blue’s… I didn’t even know such a thing existed…now that I know I may take a few tips from this article.

It’s been one month since my marathon and I had my first great run on Friday… I did a 6 mile tempo with negative splits.  It felt amazing! I finally felt like I was starting to get back to my old self… It was the confidence boost that I needed to motivate me to find a training plan and get excited for my fall marathon.  So here I am, ready for day one of my fall marathon training, not ready to talk goals just yet but I can tell you I am super excited because not only am I hoping for another BQ… this will be my bestie’s FIRST marathon ever (yes there will be a lot of celebrating after this race).

My Bestie
My Bestie

Oh! This arrived in the mail yesterday… I was actually second in my age group and 13th woman overall! It was just a little reminder of my awesomeness and even more of a motivation for the fall….


Have you experienced post race blues? How did you “come out” of it?

9 thoughts on “A Little Reminder of My Awesomeness…

  1. Yes. After my first full Mary I went into hibernation. Not because I needed the recovery but I was pretty frustrated with my performance. I went through 20 weeks of training and felt somewhat betrayed by the outcome. I didn’t run for 3 weeks until my running group asked me to run with them for a benefit 5k. I did it because it was only 3 miles but more importantly the cause. Wouldn’t you know I ran a sub 23, easy…The time, the people, and the atmosphere brought it all back. And I was grateful for that. Stay fierce stay blessed! Thanks for sharing and GL. You will do awesome!

    1. Isn’t it crazy what a frenzy it can send you into… I didn’t even know how to pull myself out of it… Thank you for your encouraging words… right now I just need to build my confidence;)

  2. Yes I have experienced the post race blues it came about six weeks after my on and only marathon. All my runs felt great for the six following the marathon then all of a sudden I just felt flat and unmotivated and I really didn’t start coming out of the “blues” until about two months ago.

    1. omg, no way! I just kept telling myself yes I’m going to go running.. I even kept a running bag packed in the car for just in case… yeah it’s been there for a while…lol I’ve finally started setting goals and it’s getting me excited… hopefully the excitement doesn’t fizzle out…

      1. Yep! But no worries for you chica! The excitement should last and also know that your in good company when it comes to those who have suffered the “running blues” I know of lots of fellow runners that have felt the experience after that debut marathon but we all pull through 😉

  3. I’m so sorry you’re having Runner’s Blues. I’ve been feeling the same way. After my half marathon, I suffered a stress fracture in my foot and horrible knee issues. I was directed to rest for almost two whole months (it hasn’t even been a month yet) and I have been feeling disgusting. I have tried running a mile or two since then, and like you said… my poor body wasn’t ready. 😦 I wish you the best in your fall race training though!

    1. I’m sorry, Injuries are the WORST… they are soooo disappointing… Yes!! Disgusting!!! I just sit around and think what am I doing… but my body literally was not having it… I’m hoping that Fridays run wasn’t a fluke and a REAL marker to how I’m feeling… keep your chin up… You will be back out there running in no time (even though I know it feels like forever)

  4. Congrats again on your speed and awesomeness. 🙂 I experienced post race blues during the entire month of December after the Seattle Marathon. Going from one extreme (running ALL the time) to the other in a short period of time can be tough. For me, setting new goals and reevaluating my training helped. I also entered a January running challenge which helped.

    1. That’s what I’m doing now… Focusing on the fall and I’m doing the 30 day ab challenge! Holy moly did I need it! I had no core strength! You are sooo right though, you go from one extreme to the other. My poor body was on shock mode!

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