Last 10 pics Thursday (AND my last Thursday of work until September)

I’m feeling VERY chipper this AM… one because today is my last Thursday of work until September AND this AM the middle-schoolers are having a carnival day!  I get sooo excited for days like today (and so do the kids, which make it even better).

Here are my last 10 pics this week:


I seen this on FB.. I’m not sure I’m “bad” but I’m definitely a mother runner;)


Her name is Ella and she is a selfie-holic… she literally grabs my phone and does this all on her own (I’m in serious trouble)


Why does my son REFUSE to show his full face in pics?!grrrr… anyways, this is what we do after work… snacks and lots of cuddles


My dad bought Brady some weird car that helps you blow up balloons… this is how far he got, I told him, not bad for a three year old… yes that is SATC on TV … GUILTY… I can’t wait to get home from work and watch it even though I have seen every episode 100x.

sick ellie

And while Brady was blowing up the balloon… this is what Ellie was doing… she was really sick yesterday so all she wanted to do is cuddle… AND take selfies…lol


I seen this quote on IG and loved it… I often wonder if the things I’m passionate about are just “dreams” but this made me realize that they are REALISTIC… somethings are just harder to achieve then others.


After I got back from my run from hell the other night.. this little cutie wanted to come cuddle ( she didn’t even care that I was sweatie).




Oh look! My son DOES in-fact have a face…lol. On a rare occasion I can get them in the same pic… with both faces exposed… NOT crying…lol. This was the other morning before going to work.  A very RARE morning of NO TEARS…


Ok… yes, I’m human…. and even I take selfies…lol (I guess I know where Elle gets it).

Tell me something randon about your Thursday? Are you as chipper as me this AM?


5 thoughts on “Last 10 pics Thursday (AND my last Thursday of work until September)

  1. Ella’s selfies are HIIIIIlarious. Seriously–the faces that she is making are too much. You have greater polish in your selfie taking, she has the frequency down haha. I am not feeling so chipper, unfortunately, care to rub a little bit of that off on me??

  2. you and your littles are so precious!!!! i love the snuggles. my little one refuses to snuggle. he’s never ever snuggled. breaks my heart.

    1. They only want to snuggle when it’s like 100 degrees lol! But you know what?! I’ll take it… As I type this my son is boycotting going to bed and laying all over me… Ugh!!! I’m dying of heat lol

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