Hello Summer Vaca… And marathon training

While I’d love to boast about my fabulous weekend runs I did nothing of the sort. Something I DID do is spend some much needed quality time with my family. Once I get into the thick of training I know my poor little family will see a lot less of me… I try to plan my runs around my kids sleeping and napping so that I don’t take too much time away from them because when it’s all said and done I’m a mommy first…


My cousin graduated from HS on Saturday! I remember when she was born…. It’s crazy to think that was 17 years ago:( My family rarely gets together, so it was really nice to see everyone and of course showcase my cute little family…

Yesterday, began with some recovery


And once I was feeling not so green we brought the kiddos to the beach for some afternoon fun…



AND today not only marek the first day of summer vaca but my first real day of marathon training… It’s going to be a rough running week but I’ll be back to my old self in no time!!!

How was your weekend?
How do you recover from a running slump?


6 thoughts on “Hello Summer Vaca… And marathon training

  1. Happy summer, doll!!
    So excited that you’re officially in marathontraining!!:) whenever I have a slump, I honestly just patiently wait it out-I know it will eventually pass! You’ve been doing so much racing lately that you might be burned out! It will pass and you will once again LOVE THE RUN! 🙂

    Ps-I have never thought your son was your mini me before-until I saw that SMILE!!!!! Sonhandsome but with his Mamas grin!!:)

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