It wasn’t pretty, but day one is over…

As I stepped out to run yesterday evening I thought to myself… “Self, it’s 90 degrees, is this REALLY a good idea?” NOPES! But self and I ran anyways…

I’ve been complaining that my legs have just not been participating with my heart and head, and while my head said 5 miles and my heart agreed my legs told them that they were both insane… The first mile of my run was uphill which I was fine with because I knew the route and I knew it would eventually go down but by mile two my legs were just NOT moving… I was barely moving at 8 min pace and my head was starting to shut down too… My poor heart was saying seriously guys don’t do this but I’ve learned a lot in the last few months and that was to listen to my body…. I changed the route to 4 miles and walked a half mile home…


There were sooo many things going through my head on my walk home… What was going on with my body? What can I do to change this? Is it the weather? Do I NEED to take time off? I love running and while it does not define me it is definitely a huge aspect of my life and I’m not ready to give up on it yet… Soooo I’m going to chalk it up to my body adjusting to the new weather and a few not so great runs…. I’m pretty sure I have a lot of hot, sweaty runs in my future some of them MAY even be good;)

Do you change anything while training in the summer?


21 thoughts on “It wasn’t pretty, but day one is over…

  1. You have to give yourself at least 2 weeks of summer running to acclimate before you make any judgments.–that is just how long that it takes. But yeah, maybe you do need some time off! Give it 2 weeks and then see. I think that you have to make adjustments, just in order to be safe. But if you prep yourself properly, those adjustments can be fewer and farther between.

    1. You’re right! And sometimes I forget that… It’s like I walked outside in the 90 degree heat and really thought it wouldn’t effect me:( silly rabbits trix are for kids… Lol. I’m def going to give myself two wks and hope for the best… Thanks doll!

  2. It’s been so humid here, and my pace has gone way down as a result. It feels like my usual run takes twice the normal effort in this weather! I’d just do what you can and let yourself get used to it. And maybe accept the fact that you might have to slow your pace some while it’s really hot.

    Still though, great run!

      1. I get up at 5 to run so I can beat the sun, but it’s still in the 70s and humid most mornings! I didn’t know I could sweat that much!

  3. Hang in there chica! Head up … wings out!!! These runs will make up stronger no matter how slow. You are still super speedy. I struggle through every summer but I have come to terms with it. I don’t change anything up during summer training but last summer I decided to go back to my log and evaluate previous summer’s to see why I was struggling and I noticed that for me I have a huge drop off in the summer no matter what the weather just naturally dictates the outcome. Not that all my summer runs are total stinkers but they don’t compare to cooler weather runs. So my mindset now is just put in the work and it will pay off in the fall even if you can’t see results at present. Every run we can do in the heat now is preparing our bodies for faster times later

    1. OMG!!! Thank you! I NEEDED to hear this! I guess last summer I didn’t realize it because I wasn’t running more than three miles! I’m going to “keep my head up, wings out”(I love that by the way)…. I’m not going to let the summer heat knock me down… I have fall goals!

      1. That what I want to hear! Just remember that every summer run no matter how slow makes your summer goals that much more attainable. Summer work = fall blessings πŸ™‚ and the heads up wings out is a Oiselle thing lol. I love that company I’d so rock there gear if I were a woman haha πŸ™‚

      2. I guess it’s time I invest in a shirt that says that bc that’s going to be my summer motto!!!! Also love summer work= fall blessings…. You are full of inspiration Thay I soooo badly needed !

  4. You did awesome! Just keep listening to your body! I try to go for my runs in the summer right before the sun goes down so I have enough daylight, but the heat isn’t at its peak!

  5. Well, in AZ, we are kinda forced to change our running ‘habits’. I get up at 3:30 to get out the door at 4:30 to beat the heat. At 6:30am, it’s already in the 90’s I think you did great… you only get what the day gives you. 4 miles at under 8min pace is better than zero. I don’t think you can consider that junk miles. Stay blessed stay strong!

    1. Omg! 330? Ugh you are amazing! I ran a race in Vegas before and I remember it went off at like 6am and my friend was like yena that’s the norm… I couldn’t wrap my head around it….but I totally get it now….

  6. Summer running will wear you down- heart, mind, and soul. The great thing is that if you push through it, you will see those positive results as soon as fall rolls around. You got this, lady! Stay strong!

    1. That’s what I needed to hear…. I’m just keeping that in the back of my head… I got sooo down on myself but you know what we are all in the same boat… It’s how you rise after you fall😊

  7. if by “change anything” you mean stop running then yes. actually i need to run, it’s just so hard to talk myself into it when i know it’s going to be crappy and make me feel terrible about myself….

    1. My runs this week are bi polar… Lol… I’m just hoping if I put in enough bad runs eventually I’ll get some good ones lol…fingers crossed or this is going to be a LONG summer;/

  8. Running in the heat of the summer is SO different than any other time of year. Do not beat yourself up or get down on yourself. That is a killer time for your first time back and without getting acclimated to the heat. I make an effort and give myself permission to run a little slower in the heat, as my body is more appreciative once I am done. I also try to wear clothing that breathes easy and run near water fountains so I can stay hydrated and sprinkle water on myself if need be.

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